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Highlanders beat Sunwolves in Dunedin




2015 Super Rugby champions the Highlanders will play their first ever match against Japanese side the Sunwolves this weekend in Round 9.

The Highlanders and Sunwolves missed each other last year so this will be the first clash between the sides. The Highlanders have played seven matches this season and they have won four.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Sunwolves kick off and the match is underway.

2.00: The Highlanders turn the ball over after the Sunwolves make an error but the Sunwolves win a penalty. The Sunwolves kick for touch but fail to find it. The Highlanders run the ball from their 22 and they go wide to Waisake Naholo who chips the ball ahead but it goes into touch. Looking dangerous already.

2.26: The Sunwolves are awarded another penalty for obstruction against Tevita Li. Takaaki Nakazuru has taken a big knock and has to be replaced.

4.00: The Sunwolves go through five phases before the HIghlanders steal the ball. The Highlanders run with the ball and Naholo slips the ball to Malakai Fekitoa who scores the opening TRY!

5.00: Marty Banks takes the conversion kick and nails it.

7.00: The Sunwolves immediately hit back. They drive the ball to the 5m line with a big run from Uwe Helu. William Tupou gets the ball from the ruck and scores. TRY! But wait the ref wants to review it even though he has awarded it. The TMO has a look. Accidental offside, no try. 5m scrum to the Highlanders.

9.00: The Highlanders clear the ball into touch. Smith chipped the ball ahead for Naholo but it went out.

11.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves. Yu Tamura takes the kick. He nails it.

12.00: The Highlanders put the Sunwolves under pressure in their 22. Naholo reaches for a lose ball and knocks it beyond the dead ball line.

15.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves. They kick for touch and set up a line out.

17.00: The Sunwolves put the Highlanders under some pressure but the ball is turned over and chipped back so the Sunwolves have to start their attack from the half way line. The Sunwolves kick the ball upfield so the Highlanders kick the ball into touch.

22.00: The Sunwolves win the ball from a line out but then knock on. Highlanders scrum. Joe Wheeler gets some help from the medics which holds up the game.

24.00:The Highlanders win the scrum but pass the ball forward down the line and then the Sunwolves pass it forward. The Highlanders get the put in at the scrum.

26.00: There is a break in play as a Sunwolves player has taken a knock. The game resumes.

29.00: The Highlanders front row collapses so the Sunwolves have a penalty. They take the line out. The Highlanders turn the ball over and chip it upfield. The Highlanders win the ball back and start their attack in the Sunwolves half.

32.00: The Sunwolves keep kicking the ball to the Highlanders who are more than happy to run the ball back at the Sunwolves. This time the Highlanders run the ball until Aaron Smith knocks on.

34.00: The Highlanders run the ball and they stretch the Sunwolves defence. Tevita Li offloads to Liam Squire who runs in the try. The TMO reviews the final pass. The TV commentators feel the pass is forward but the TMO says it is not. The try is awarded.

35.00: Banks slots the conversion.

37.00: The Highlanders almost get through the Sunwolves defence but they are called back.

39.00: The Highlanders win the scrum and go wide. The Sunwolves manage to stop the first attack but the Highlanders keep the ball alive and Aaron Smith scores in the corner. TRY!

41.00: Marty Banks takes the conversion kick from the touchline. He nails it.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Highlanders 21 Sunwolves 3

The Highlanders kick off and the second half is underway.

The Highlanders have replaced Waisake Naholo at half time. Sio Tomkinson is on for Naholo.

42.00: The Highlanders set up their attack on the 5m line and Matt Faddes slices through the Sunwolves. TRY!

43.00: Marty Banks adds the conversion.

44.00: Faddes gets the ball on the wing and races down the touchline, he is caught but the Highlanders have made a lot of ground. The Sunwolves turn the ball over and run it to the half way line.

47.00: The Sunwolves go through 8 phases on attack. They get to the line and Sam Wykes knocks on. Replays suggest he may have scored but the Highlanders have a scrum.

50.00: The Sunwolves pass the ball down the line and Matt Faddes intercepts and races away to score. TRY!

51.00: Banks adds the conversion.

53.00: The Highlanders split the Sunwolves defence and change sides. They get the overlap, Fekitoa goes on his own and is caught but the Highlanders recycle and Ben Smith scores by diving over the top of the ruck.

54.00: Banks takes the conversion. This one he misses.

57.00: The Sunwolves work the ball into the Highlanders 22. They go through the phases until Willie Britz slips off a Joe Wheeler tackler and scores. TRY!

58.00; Tamura adds the conversion.

62.00: The Sunwolves chip the ball ahead in the Highlanders 22. Ben Smith misses it and then gets to the ball but the Sunwolves have a penalty.

64.00: The Sunwolves go through the phases in the Highlanders 22. Instead of kicking the ball away they keep hold of the ball and Rahboni Warren Vosayaco scores in the corner. TRY!

65.00: The conversion is missed.

70.00: The Sunwolves win the ball from a scrum in their half. The Highlanders press them back but then after 5 phases they start to make ground. On the 7th phase the Sunwolves concede a penalty for holding on to the ball.

75.00: Both teams have emptied their benches. The Sunwolves have the ball from for a scrum in the Highlanders half.

76.00: Penalty to the Highlanders from the scrum. The Highlanders kick for touch.

77.00:The Sunwolves go through 8 phases on attack inside the Highlanders 22. On the 9th phase they knock on.

80.00: the Sunwolves win the ball from the scrum and they attack the Highlanders in their 22. The Highlanders turn the ball over Fekitoa starts the attack.

81.00: The Highlanders make some ground but then lose the ball. The ball changes hands a couple of times and then is knocked on.

The Highlanders have won.

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The full time score is Highlanders 40 (21) Sunwolves 15 (3)


Tries – M.Fekitoa, L.Squire, A.Smith, M.Faddes 2, B.Smith
Pen –
Con – M.Banks 5
Drop –
Cards –

Tries -W.Britz,  R.W Vosayaco
Pen – Y.Tamura
Con -Y.Tamura
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Jamie Nutbrown
Assistant Ref 1:Mike Fraser
Assistant Ref 2:Cam Stone
TMO : Glenn Newman



1. Daniel Lienert-Brown , 2. Liam Coltman , 3. Siate Tokolahi , 4. Alex Ainley , 5. Joe Wheeler , 6. Liam Squire , 7. Elliot Dixon , 8. Luke Whitelock , 9. Aaron Smith , 10. Marty Banks , 11. Tevita Li , 12. Malakai Fekitoa , 13. Matt Faddes , 14. Waisake Naholo , 15. Ben Smith (c)

Replacements : 16. Greg Pleasants-Tate , 17. Aki Seiuli , 18. Siosuia Halanukonuka , 19. Tom Franklin , 20. Gareth Evans , 21. Josh Renton , 22. Teihorangi Walden , 23. Sio Tomkinson


15 Kotaro Matsushima, 14 Takaaki Nakazuru, 13 William Tupou, 12 Timothy Lafaele, 11 Yasutaka Sasakura, 10 Yu Tamura, 9 Fumiaki Tanaka, 8 Willie Britz, 7 Yuhimaru Mimura, 6 Edward Quirk (c), 5 Uwe Helu, 4 Sam Wykes, 3 Yasuo Yamaji, 2 Yusuke Niwai, 1 Keita Inagaki

Replacements: 16 Takeshi Kizu, 17 Koki Yamamoto, 18 Heiichiro Ito, 19 Shinya Makabe, 20 Rahboni Warren Vosayaco, 21 Yuki Yatomi, 22 Hayden Cripps, 23 Jamie-Jerry Taulagi

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