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Highlanders beat the Western Force in Dunedin



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Super Rugby Round six kicks off in Dunedin where the current champions the Highlanders host the Western Force.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime here is the match preview. 

The Highlanders kick off and we are underway.

2.00: The Highlanders win the ball back after the restart and launch several attacks at the Force. The Force however turn the ball over and they kick the ball behind the Highlanders and chase. Pat Osborne fails to control the ball and Dane Haylett-Petty pounces on the ball and scores. TRY!

3.00: Peter Grant adds the conversion. Brendon Edmonds was injured in that and he has been replaced by Daniel Lienert-Brown.

6.00: It’s all the Force on attack as they go through 10 phases in the Highlanders half. They try the grubber when they get to the Highlanders 22 but the ball goes into touch.

8.00: The Force continue to attack the Highlanders. They run the ball into the Highlanders 22 and Ben McCalman gets the ball about 15m out and races for the line. He slips off two tackles and reaches for the line and scores. TRY!

10.00: Peter Grant slots the conversion and the Force have a 14 point lead. More than a point a minute.

11.00: The the restart the Force slip through the Highlanders defence again as Ben Tapuai runs to the 22. The Force continue the attack but this time the Highlanders scramble and the Force have to kick and it goes dead. 22 drop.

14.00: Possession Force 66% Highlanders 34%. The Highlanders start to get into the game and they get the ball out to Matt Faddes on the wing but the pass goes forward so the Force have a scrum in their 22.

17.00: The Highlanders come away with the ball and they go wide out to Patrick Osborne who slips over in the corner off a pass from Aaron Smith. TRY! Hayden Parker takes the conversion as Lima Sopoaga was rested for this match. He nails it.

22.00: The Force have the ball in the Highlanders half again. They go through 7 phases and then kick for touch and the ball goes out about 10m out.

26.00: The Highlanders get the ball from a Force kick in their half break out. They go through the hands as Aaron Smith launches the attack and it goes through several players hands. Faddes looks like he will score but he passes to Dan Pryor who goes over to score. TRY!

28.00: Parker adds the conversion and the scores are level. Daniel Lienert-Brown has to go off for a concussion test and on comes Josh Hohneck. The Highlanders could run out of props here.

31.00: The Highlanders have two tightheads on so now we will have uncontested scrums. Turnovers conceded Highlanders 11 Force 4.  The Highlanders win the uncontested scrum and they kick for touch.

33.00: The Highlanders launch some attacks at the Force but the Force turn the ball over and kick for touch.

34.00: The Highlanders win the line out and run at the Force. The Force scramble and defend. The Highlanders change side but the Force’s defence is solid.

36.00: Daniel Lienert-Brown returns from a concusssion test so now we have contested scrums again.

37.00: The Highlanders attack and Malakai Fekitoa offloads to Dan Pryor who goes for the line but loses the ball in the tackle in front of the posts.

38.00: The Force win the scrum and kick for touch. The Highlanders win the line out and run at the Force on the Force’s 22. After 5 phases the Force win a penalty for a player leaving his feet. Grant kicks for touch.

40.00: Its half time.

Missed tackles Highlanders 3 Western Force 12

The half time score was Highlanders 14 Western Force 14

Peter Grant kicks off and the second half is underway.

43.00: The Force win a penalty after a midfield maul. Peter Grant will kick for posts. He nails it and the Force are back in front.

45.00 : Ben Smith comes off for the Highlanders. Looks to be an injury.  Jason Emery comes on to the wing and Matt Faddes goes to fullback.

46.00: A kicking contest starts. Both sides use the boot and it goes back and forth. The Highlanders decide to run the ball but Pryor knocks on.

48.00: The Highlanders run the ball at the Force in the Force’s half. They look dangerous and the Force have to scramble and in doing so they concede a penalty for a high tackle. Parker lines up the posts.

49.00: Parker takes the kick and the scores are level again.

51.00: Out of almost nothing Aaron Smith gets the ball from a ruck and races away. He puts in the grubber and the Highlanders have Fekitoa and Faddes outside him. Fekitoa is tackled and falls but Faddess gets to the ball and scores. TRY!

52.00: Parker misses the conversion but for the first time the Highlanders lead. Ben Smith has failed the concussion test so he is staying off.

54.00: The Highlanders get the ball from a kick. Liam Squire makes huge ground but is caught. The Highlanders keep the ball alive and send it to the far side with a cross kick and Patrick Osborne powers through two tackles and scores in the corner. The TMO checks. He changes hands and places the ball BUT his knee is JUST in touch milliseconds before he scores. No try.

55.00: The Force win the ball from the line out but its scrappy and they have to dot the ball down behind the line. The Highlanders have a 5m scrum.

56.00: The Highlanders win the scrum but knock on.

Handling errors : Highlanders 15 Force 4.

56.00: Scrum penalty to the Force for the front row collapsing. The Force clear the ball into touch.

59.00: Force player Ross Haylett-Petty suffers a head clash and there is a lot of blood so we will have a break while the medics help him. In fact its two locks who have to go to the blood bin. Steve Mafi comes on and Richard Hardwick comes on for his Super Rugby debut.

61.00: There is another player from the Force down following a head knock so there is another break. This time the stretcher will be needed for Angus Cottrell.

Possession Highlanders 53% Force 47%.

61.00: The match resumes with a scrum for the Force. They win the scrum and run the ball.

62.00: The Force go through 10 phases. On the 11th phase Luke Morahan slips through a tackle and gets the Force to about 8m out. They win a penalty and the TMO is called in for a look at potentional foul play. Aaron Smith lift tackles Tetera Faulkner but he lands with an arm down so its just a penalty.

64.00: Peter Grant lines up the posts for the penalty. He nails it.

64.00: The Highlanders set up an attack and they get an overlap but Fekitoa passes to Rob Thompson who drops the ball. Knock on.

66.00: The Highlanders put in a massive scrum which wins them a penalty. Parker lines up the posts.

67.00: Parker slots the penalty.

69.00: The Highlanders win a line out on the Force’s throw. They go wide but they are pushed into touch on the opposite side.

73.00: The Highlanders kick the ball behind the Force for Osborne to chase but the ball just rolls into touch before he gets there.

75.00: The Force win the line out and use the maul. They make ground but then go to the backs. They kick upfield but the ball is charged down. The Force recover the ball and kick to the Highlanders who attack. Osborne gets through a tackle and Jason Emery gets the ball and races for the line and scores behind the posts. TRY!

77.00: Parker adds the conversion.

79.00: The Highlanders win a scrum and kick. The Force try to attack and go through the phases.

80.00: The siren sounds but the Force play on through 11 phases. The ball slips out and the Highlanders have the ball on attack. The Force go off their feet and the Highlanders get a penalty. They tap it and run but lose it so the Force play on.

82.00: The Force continue to go through the phases as they keep the ball alive. Thompson gets a boot to the ball and chases. He manages to retrieve the ball in the tackle but cant score. Matt Faddes gets the ball but he too cant get over but Ash Dixon goes over. The TMO will check.

84.00: No try is awarded for an earlier knock on. Thats it. Full time.

The full time score is Highlanders 32 (14) Western Force 20 (14)


Tries – P.Osborne, D.Pryor, M.Faddes, J.Emery
Pen – H.Parker 2
Con – H.Parker 3
Drop –
Cards –

Western Force
Tries – D.Haylett-Petty, B.McCalman
Pen – P.Grant 2
Con – P.Grant 2
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Brendon Pickerill
Assistant Ref 1:Nick Briant
Assistant Ref 2:Paul Williams
TMO : Chris Wratt



1. Brendon Edmonds , 2. Liam Coltman , 3. Siosiua Halanukonuka , 4. Alex Ainley , 5. Tom Franklin , 6. Elliot Dixon , 7. Dan Pryor , 8. Liam Squire , 9. Aaron Smith , 10. Hayden Parker , 11. Pat Osborne , 12. Rob Thompson , 13. Malakai Fekitoa , 14. Matt Faddes , 15. Ben Smith (cc)

Replacements : 16. Ash Dixon , 17. Daniel Lienert-Brown , 18. Josh Hohneck , 19. Joe Wheeler , 20. Shane Christie (cc) , 21. Fumiaki Tanaka , 22. AN Other , 23. Jason Emery

Western Force

1. Pekahou Cowan , 2. Heath Tessmann , 3. Tetera Faulkner , 4. Ross Haylett-Petty , 5. Adam Coleman , 6. Angus Cottrell , 7. Matt Hodgson (C) , 8. Ben McCalman , 9. Alby Mathewson , 10. Peter Grant , 11. Semisi Masirewa , 12. Solomoni (Junior) Rasolea , 13. Ben Tapuai , 14. Luke Morahan , 15. Dane Haylett-Petty

Replacements : 16. Nathan Charles , 17. Chris Heiberg , 18. Jermaine Ainsley , 19. Sitiveni (Steve) Mafi , 20. Richard Hardwick , 21. Ryan Louwrens , 22. Ian Prior , 23. Albert Nikoro


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