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Hoskins puts Spears back on the agenda


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Regan Hoskins will fight for the inclusion of the Southern Spears in an expanded Super Rugby tournament if he is re-elected Saru president.

Presidential elections in South Africa are just two days away and the South African blogging website Keo reports that Hoskins’s sudden support for the Spears as an attempt to secure votes, although he insists it has always been part of his future plans.

Hoskins will go head to head with his deputy, Mike Stofile, for the presidency at Saru’s annual general meeting in Cape Town.

The Spears ‘ made up Border, EP and SWD ‘ lost out to the Cheetahs two years ago when a fifth South African franchise was added to the Super Rugby mix. They were also prevented from playing in the Currie Cup, which was originally part of Saru’s plan to help prepare them for the Super 14.

At the time, Hoskins insisted the Spears had not been scrapped and that every effort would be made to get them ready to play Super Rugby in the future.

However, Border, EP and SWD rugby remain as poor as ever, with all three unions effectively bankrupt.

Despite this, Hoskins plans to talk to Sanzar about adding the Spears as a sixth South African franchise when the new broadcast deal is discussed.

If the Super 14 is expanded to 16 or 20 teams, the Spears would make their debut in 2011, which gives them just two and a half years to get ready.

Considering that the Eagles, Elephants and Bulldogs are all languishing in the First Division of the Currie Cup, they have a lot of work to do before they can hope to compete against a team like the Crusaders.

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