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Hoskins : South Africa should not be in Sanzaar




Former SA Rugby President Oregan Hoskins has said that South African Rugby should leave Sanzaar and that they should be playing in Northern Hemisphere.

Hoskins shocked South African Rugby by resigning from his position as SA Rugby President on the 17th of August.

The former President says that he called for South Africa to leave the Sanzaar partnership and start playing with Northern Hemisphere teams five years ago.

Hoskins says the current Southern Hemisphere alliance of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina isn’t workable and South African rugby should be looking elsewhere.

Hoskins has told Eyewitness News that South African Rugby is in such a deep crisis that immediate urgent remedial action is needed to save it from being permanently ruined.

“We are at a point now where a Codesa for rugby, if I can put it that way, a national convention is needed where we call in our stakeholders in the game, the people who are putting a lot of money in the game. Let’s be blunt, I am talking about the Remgros, the SuperSports of this world.”

“We need people to sit around the table and ask where we stop the hemorrhaging, do we continue with SANZAR? ” said Hoskins.

“I respectfully said five years ago that we need to be out of SANZAR, we need to be in the Northern Hemisphere.”

South Africa could move into tournaments with Northern Hemisphere teams easier than any of the other Sanzaar partners as there is just one hour difference so kick off times would be attractive for TV audiences.

Whilst Sanzaar have seen an increase in broadcast money this season for the next five years the money has not been enough and sponsors are withdrawing whilst TV numbers and gate numbers are falling.

In contrast Northern Hemisphere Rugby is booming.

The NH clubs are enjoying more cash than ever before with record TV deals almost across the board and Hoskins wants SA Rugby to be part of the boom.

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