Hurricanes beat Cheetahs in Bloemfontein




The Cheetahs have played the Hurricanes 7 times since they joined Super Rugby in 2006 through the Super 14.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
0.01: Beauden Barrett kicks off and we are underway.
2.00: Both teams still testing each other’s defence.
3.00: The Hurricanes winning the territory battle but the Cheetahs are edging the possession.
4.00: The Cheetahs kick deep but Julian Savea gets the ball and attacks, he passes to Ben May who is just stopped short. Hurricanes showing lots of intent. Penalty to the Hurricanes (Coenie Oosthuisen)
5.00: Beauden Barrett slots the penalty and the Hurricanes lead.
6.00: The Cheetahs apply some pressure after the re-start but the Hurricanes hold them out. The Cheetahs then knock on.
7.00: The Hurricanes concede a penalty in their half and the Cheetahs take it quickly.
10.00: Penalty to the Cheetahs. Burton Francis takes the kick but misses.
11.00: The Hurricanes win a penalty this time so Barrett takes the kick and nails it.  
12.00: The Cheetahs break out but they are called back for a forward pass/knock on.
14.00: The Hurricanes attack from just inside their half but a Cheetahs player intentionally knocks the ball down as they attack – the TMO checks that it was Robert Ebersohn so he is shown a yellow card. The Hurricanes have a penalty.
15.00: Barrett slots the penalty extending the lead.
18.00: Hennie Daniller breaks down the wing for the Cheetahs, he is then caught and the Hurricanes turn the ball over. Barrett kicks and chases and Rhule gets back. Brussow gets to the breakdown and wins a penalty for the Cheetahs behind where Daniller first made the break.
20.00: The Hurricanes are keeping the pressure on the Cheetahs and preventing them from making territory.
23.00: The Cheetahs get a maul rolling and then Adriaan Strauss races away. He is caught but the Cheetahs keep the ball alive and then they win a 5m penalty. Francis will kick.
24.00: Burton Francis nails the penalty as the medics help Willie le Roux. Ebersohn is back on.
27.00: Penalty to the Cheetahs. Francis takes the kick and slots it.
30.00: The Hurricanes win a penalty for hands in the ruck. Frans Viljoen chirps the ref so the Hurricanes get the penalty moved 10m closer. Barrett slots the penalty.
33.00: Coenie Oosthuisen enjoys a break for the Cheetahs, the Hurricanes manage to stop him and they have to kick the ball out.
36.00: Coenie Oosthuisen has another run and bashes into Jack Lam. He bounces off and has to go for a concussion test. Burton Francis has a penalty kick for posts. He nails it.
37.00: Frans Viljoen has a finger dislocated so he has it popped back in and carries on. The Hurricanes win a line out and kick downfield, Daniller gets back and boots the ball to the halfway line.  
39.00: The Hurricanes have the ball on attack.
40.00: The siren sounds as the Hurricanes try to move the ball. The Cheetahs almost get an intercept but the Hurricanes get the ball back. The Cheetahs then turn the ball over and attack. The Canes get the ball back again and kick it out. However the ref awards the Cheetahs a penalty.
41.00: Burton Francis takes the kick and levels the scores. It’s half time.
The half time score was Cheetahs 12 Hurricanes 12
Burton Francis kicks off and we are underway.
42.00: The Cheetahs enjoy some early possession and they get to 10 phases and then Francis knocks on.
44.00: The Hurricanes get the ball and start to make ground but Coenie Oosthuisen goes in with another big tackle and the Hurricanes knock on.
48.00: The Cheetahs go through 6 phases on attack but the Hurricanes keep them in their half. The Hurricanes then turn the ball over and kick the ball back into the Cheetahs 22.
49.00: The Hurricanes break out and drive the ball over the Cheetahs tryline. They are held up so no try. Ref didn’t go to the TMO. Burton Francis comes off and Elgar Watts comes on.
50.00: The Hurricanes win the scrum and pick and go at the tryline and Beauden Barrett goes over and scores. TRY!
51.00: Barrett misses the conversion.
52.00: The Hurricanes are in again. The Canes get the ball to Julian Savea and he chips ahead and chases, Sarel Pretorius goes with him but he is too slow and Savea scores. TRY!
54.00: Beaden Barrett misses the conversion.
55.00: The Cheetahs look to hit back. They work the ball into the Hurricanes 22 and then Coenie Oosthuisen bashes his way over for the TRY!
56.00: Elgar Watts nails the conversion.
59.00: There’s broken play and both teams look they will score at different times. Eventually Andre Taylor gets pushed into touch.
60.00: The Hurrcanes keep the pressure on as they get the ball into the Cheetahs 22. TJ Perenara ducks under the tackle and goes low and scores. TRY!
61.00: Beauden Barrett adds the conversion this time.
64.00: The Hurricanes are back in the Cheetahs 22 but the home side wins the line out. The Cheetahs win a penalty and take the quick tap.
66.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes. Barrett will kick for posts. He nails it.
68.00: The Cheetahs try to run the ball out of their 22, the Hurricanes get a hand to the ball and and knock it down, Victor Vito gathers the ball and runs over and scores, Bonus point TRY!
69.00: Barrett nails the conversion.
71.00: The Cheetahs won’t give up and Coenie Oosthuisen goes in low and reaches for the line and scores. TRY! His second.
72.00: Watts adds the conversion.
75.00: The Cheetahs have the ball and they are in the Hurricanes half. They win a penalty so they take a quick tap.
76.00: The Cheetahs keep the ball alive and flirt with the Hurricanes tryline. They change direction and Robert Ebersohn dashes over. TRY!
77.00: Elgar Watts misses the conversion.
78.00: Hurricanes are trying to pin the Cheetahs back in their half. The Cheetahs get the ball and they kick upfield. Savea gets back and saves a possible try and the Hurricanes take the ball out. We go back for a penalty.
79.00: Elgar Watts takes the penalty and slots it to earn the Cheetahs a losing bonus point as the siren sounds. That’s it.
The full time score is Cheetahs 34 (12) Hurricanes 39 (12)


Tries – C.Oosthuisen 2. R.Ebersohn
Pen – B.Francis 4, E.Watts
Con – E.Watts 2
Drop –
Cards – R.Ebersohn (15th min)

Tries – B.Barrett, J.Savea, TJ Perenara, V.Vito
Pen – B.Barrett 5
Con – B.Barrett 2
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
: Stuart Berry
Assistant Ref 1:Lourens van der Merwe
Assistant Ref 2:Francois de Bruin
TMO : Gerrie Coetzee



Coenie Oosthuisen ,Adriaan Strauss (captain),Lourens Adriaanse, Lodewyk de Jager,Francois Uys,Heinrich Brussow, Frans Viljoen, Phillip van der Walt,Piet van Zyl, Burton Francis, Raymond Rhule, Robert Ebersohn,Johan Sadie, Willie le Roux, Hennie Daniller

Replacements: Ryno Barnes, Trevor Nyakane, Landman Ligtoring,Boom Prinsloo, Sarel Pretorius, Elgar Watts, Ryno Benjamin.


1. Ben Franks ,2. Ash Dixon,3. Ben May,4. Jeremy Thrush,5. Jason Eaton,6. Faifili Levave,7. Jack Lam / Karl Lowe,8. Victor Vito (c),9. TJ Perenara,10. Beauden Barrett,11. Julian Savea,12. Tim Bateman,13. Reynold Lee-Lo,14. Alapati Leiua ,15. Andre Taylor / James Marshall

Replacements :16. Reggie Goodes,17. Jeffery Toomaga-Allen,18. James Broadhurst,19. Brad Shields,20. Chris Smylie,21. Tusi Pisi,22. James Marshall / Karl Lowe

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