Hurricanes snatch victory from Highlanders



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This was a live score update.


Match Preview



Both of these teams lost their opening matches and both have lost some key players. Both teams have lost their regular captains, one to injury and one to a suspension.


The Highlanders though have lost arguably their two best players in Jimmy Cowan who has a sprained elbow and prop Jamie Mackintosh who is suffering with a knee injury.

Hurricanes skipper Rodney So’oialo was suspended for a week for trampling on Phil Waugh’s head – naughty naughty.  


Match detail


Ground conditions are very good although there is a little rain around (drizzle). The Teams are running on to the field.


We are waiting for the kick off.


0.01: The match is underway.

0.30: The Highlanders start with some urgency working the ball through the phases.


2.00: The Highlanders run the ball up to the Hurricanes line – good break from Johnny Leota, they get stopped but referee Vinny Munro blows for a penalty to the Highlanders.


3.00: Daniel Bowden takes the shot and misses. Mis-judged it as there is no wind to speak of.


4.00: The Highlanders are showing some good support skills retaining possession.


5.00: The Hurricanes start to come into the game as they put together 4 phases.


7.00: Free kick to the Canes so they take a scrum. The win the ball but as the ball goes out to the line it gets knocked on.


9.00: The Highlanders kick the ball upfield so Corey Jane gets back, runs a little and kicks it up to the Highlanders. They win the ball back and run it but as they start to do some damage the pass goes to ground.


11.00: The first lineout of the game comes after 11 minutes.


12.00: The Highlanders win a free kick from a maul after the line out. The ball goes out to the near side. Another line out.


14.00: Hurricanes win the line out and when the ball goes to ground the Highlanders win it back. The Highlanders look to be a greatly improved team from last year. The ball gets knocked on so we have another scrum.


16.00: Both teams are still feeling each other out trying to get the upper hand. The Hurricanes go on attack but a forward pass goes in.


19.00: The Highlanders attack midfield but run out of support. The Hurricanes win a free kick and kick into the Highlanders 25. A pattern of kicking into the opposition’s 25 is forming here for the Hurricanes.


21.00: Still no change in the score as this match is starting to become a kicking contest. The Hurricanes kick the ball away and the Highlanders see how far they can run with it.


24.00: It’s a fairly even contest as Weepu starts to look dangerous but the Highlanders defence holds strong. Hurricanes get blown up for taking a player out without the ball.


26.00 : It’s scrappy stuff. No score yet and when these two teams met last year there was no score in the second half so that means that neither team has scored a point in 67 minutes.


28.00: The Highlanders attack – Kendrick Lynn makes break he gets caught and there is support. They work they ball out again and eventually they are stopped 1m short but win a free kick.   


29.00 : Brief break in play as Daniel Bowden gets some attention. Game resumes and its a Highlanders scrum. They win the ball and Sean Romans breaks off the back of the scrum but loses the ball 1 m out.


31.00: Highlanders 5m line out, they win the ball back and work it away to the centre. Romans has a go for the line but knocks on.


33.00: Highlanders have now been camped in the Hurricanes for almost 6 minutes. They continue to attack but that Hurricanes defence is solid. They get space on the nearside but Johnny Leota throws a shocker of a pass.


35.00: Weepu clears off the back of a scrum but it just hands posssession back to the Highlanders who go back on the attack.


37.00: Hurricanes win a line out and Daniel Kirkpatrick kicks the ball away. It changes side and then goes back to Hosea Gear who also kicks it away.


38.00: Adam Thomson gets sent to the bin for killing the ball.


39.00: The Hurricanes kick for the posts for the penalty and Daniel Kirkpatrick kicks it to get our first points of the day. So Hurricanes lead.


40.01 The siren goes for half time.


Half time score was Hurricanes 3 Highlanders 0


40.01 : The second half is underway.


41.00: If anything the rain is a little heavier.


42.00; The Hurricanes brought on Ma’a Nonu at half time and he has already made a break and is having an impact on the game. Well, well well. Nonu breaks but is caught short, he keeps the ball alive, they recycle and passes to David Smith who scores the first try.


44.00:  Daniel Kirkpatrick slots the conversion to make it 10 points scored while Thomson has been in the bin.


45.00: Conrad Smith is now on for the Hurricanes. That should open the game up.


48.00: It’s a game of two halves this one. It’s all the Hurricanes but that could change as Thomson comes back on.


51.00: The Hurricanes attack and get to about 10 m out. The ball goes into a ruck and it comes out on the Highlanders side.


52.00: Against the run of play Daniel Bowden looks to have scored a try for the Highlanders, we go upstairs and the TV replay shows that Bowden did not get the ball down but knocked it forward with him as he slid forward. However the try is awarded probably as he was going forward on the ground with the ball. A bit odd though. We had to go through several replays to get that odd conclusion.


53.00: Daniel Bowden converts his own try.


56.00; Highlanders get another try as the Hurricanes are caught confused. Luck of the bounce played a part. Bit of a shock really as Steven Setephano dives over 2 minutes after Bowden’s try.


58.00: Daniel Bowden converts the try.


60.00: The Hurricanes spent the first half kicking the ball away and now twice the Highlanders have doen it twice and come up with a try twice. It’s all going very well for the Highlanders who are playing with a lot more confidence.


63.00: Daniel Bowden slots a penalty to extend the lead for the Highanders.


65.00; Anthony Perenise of the Highlanders catches the ball in the line out and runs straight through untouched. He gets caught and the ball is turned over and the Hurricanes go on attack.


68.00:  Hurricanes set up some good field position. Nonu breaks which gets them to within 5m. The ball is slow so the Highlanders get back, the Hurricanes drive over the line but are held up.


70.00: Hurricanes are on attack but are misssing a few opportunities. The Highlanders look well drilled.


72.00: The Hurricanes look determined but the Highlanders defence holds strong.


74.00: Hurricanes attack again. Again the Highlanders defend. The Canes retain possession 20m short of the line. 6 phases as Nonu battle his way through but is stopped, the Canes work the ball still closer. 15 phases and evntually Jason Eaton breaks through for a try.  


76.00:  Piri Weepu converts the try with 4 minutes to go.


77.00: A moment of confusion by Ben Smith of the Highlanders from a Weepu chip sees Conrad Smith run in a breakaway try for the Hurricanes.  


79.00: Weepu missed the conversion.


79.46: The siren sounds so Weepu kicks the ball out for the victory.


Full report to follow.


The full time score is Hurricanes 22 Highlanders 17




Tries -David Smith, Jason Eaton, Cnrad Smith
Penalties -Daniel Kirkpatrick
Conversions – Daniel Kirkpatrick, Piri Weepu
Drop Goals –


Tries -Daniel Bowden, Steven Setephano
Penalties -Daniel Bowden
Conversions -Daniel Bowden 2
Drop Goals –
Cards – Yellow (38) Adam Thomson



Match – Hurricanes v Highlanders
Venue – Wellington
Time pm – 19.35
Referee – Vinny Munro(NZ)
Ass Ref. 1 – AN Other (NZ)
Ass Ref. 2 – G Williamson (NZ)
TMO – K Brown (NZ)
Performance Reviewer – G Wahlstrom 






1. John Schwalger,2. Dane Coles,3. Neemia Tialata,4. Jeremy Thrush,5. Jason Eaton,6. Faifili Levave,7. Scott Waldrom,8. Victor Vito,9. Piri Weepu,10. Daniel Kirkpatrick,11. Hosea Gear,12. Jason Kawau,13. Tamati Ellison [c],14. David Smith,15. Cory Jane

Reserves:16. Ged Robinson,17. Jacob Ellison,18. Api Naikatini,19. Karl Lowe,20. Alby Mathewson ,21. Ma’a Nonu,22. Conrad Smith


1. Chris King,2. David Hall,3. Clint Newland,4. Josh Bekhuis,5. Hayden Triggs,6. Adam Thomson,7. Alando Soakai,8. Steven Setephano,9. Sean Romans,10. Daniel Bowden,11. Kendrick Lynn,12. Johnny Leota,13. Jason Shoemark (C),14. Ben Smith,15. Israel Dagg

Reserves: 16. Jason Rutledge,17. Anthony Perenise,18. George Naoupu,19. Tim Boys,20. Scott Cowan,21. Jayden Hayward,22.  Brett Mather.



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