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Queensland & Locally owned and operated company Ausdeck Patios and Roofing has come to the rescue of the QR Queensland Reds cheerleaders this week, ensuring they are here to stay for the rest of the Brisbane-based Tooheys New Super 14 season.

Ausdeck beat eight potential sponsors to post after the cheerleaders made headlines earlier this week.

‘We immediately saw a fantastic marketing opportunity for our company, whilst at the same time assisting these talented girls and ensuring their hard work and dedication was not in vein,’ company spokesperson said.

‘Ausdeck’s products promote the active outdoor lifestyle, so what better way to do this than using sporting events such as rugby. We hope to develop this support into a long-term arrangement with the girls and look forward to increasing our company exposure.’

A tamer version of last week’s troupe will be known as the IncREDible  Ausdeck Dancers. The outfits and dance moves have been toned down to be more in line with Queensland Rugby’s values. The dancers will perform before the match and when the Reds score.

Ausdeck Company Outline

Ausdeck Patios and Roofing are manufacturers of high quality Patio systems, the company is locally owned and operated.

Ausdeck specialises in the production of both single skin and insulated patio systems for the home improvement market. These systems are sold throughout Australia via patio builders and home improvement companies.

The insulated roofing system is also widely used in commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

Ausdeck’s patio system is manufactured using high strength, quality raw materials making it the strongest system available. The superior spans and incredible strength allows Ausdeck to out perform its competitors.

Competitive pricing and quality products ensure continued growth for this relatively young company.   

Ausdeck is a customer service focused business that prides its self on the integrity of both staff and product.

Ausdeck is active in motor sport with its Aussie Legend and Sprint car race teams.

In all Ausdeck runs three cars at events such as Indy, Clipsal 500 and Archerfield Speedway events.

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