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IRB chief calls for Argentina to join the Tri-nations





International rugby board boss Dr Syd Millar has made a call for Argentina to be allowed to join the Tri nations tournament in the Southern Hemisphere.

“Initially, I would see Argentina becoming part of the southern hemisphere competition,” Millar told the BBC.

“The tournament will need refreshing and that would do an enormous amount.I think they will be considering Argentina. Next time they do the television deal they will consider very carefully bringing these people in.”

“We are constantly looking at how we can fit them (Argentina) in and I think the fit has to be in the southern hemisphere at this point in time.”Millar added

“We have tried to do it before. I think the attitude amongst the southern hemisphere countries has changed.

If Argentina are to join the Tri nations, the format will need to be looked at as most of the Argentineans play their game in France when the Tri nations takes place.

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