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Chiefs beat Jaguares in Buenos Aires




The final match in the Super Rugby round 4 is a historic match as it will be first time that a Super Rugby match will be played in Argentina.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

Aaron Cruden kicks off and we are underway.

1.00: The Jaguares make a promising start to the match.  They spread the ball wide and keep it alive as they press the Chiefs back.

2.00: The Chiefs gather a loose ball and they press the Jaguares back into their half. The Chiefs win a penalty.

3.00: Aaron Cruden steps up to kick. He nails it. The Chiefs lead.

5.00:The Chiefs are winning the early territory battle by keeping the Jaguares pinned in their half.

7.00: The Jaguares press the Chiefs back but then the Chiefs turn the ball over and kick upfield. The ball goes almost nowhere and the Jaguares win the ball back, attack and win a penaly in front.

8.00: Sanchez takes the penalty kick, slots it and levels the scores.

11.00: The Jaguares win a scrum in the middle of the field. They run the ball passing freely and going through the phases.

13.00: The Jaguares win a line out and drive over the line and score. TRY! Creevy is the try scorer.

14.00: Sanchez misses the conversion.

16.00: The Chiefs go on the attack and Sam McNicol dives for the corner and scores. TRY!

17.00: Cruden misses the conversion.

19.00: The Chiefs win a line out on the 5m line. They move the ball across the field and Damien McKenzie scores. TRY!

20.00: Aaron Cruden misses the conversion.

23.00: The Jaguares press the Chiefs back into their 22. They win a penalty from the scrum. Sanchez will kick for posts. He nails it.

Martín Landajo gets the ball and races down the line. He chip kicks and is tackled. The Jaguares win a penalty. They kick for the corner.

28.00: The Jaguares win the ball but concede  a penalty for obstruction. Cruden clears the ball.

34.00; The Chiefs are keeping hold of the ball and going through the phases. They lose the ball forward. The Chiefs will have a scrum near the half way line.

37.00: The Chiefs go on the run from their half. The Chiefs infringe and Tawera Kerr-Barlow is yellow carded.

38.00: Sanchez slots the penalty and the Jaguares lead.

40.01: The siren sounds. The Chiefs boot the ball into touch.

The half time score is Jaguares 14 Chiefs 13

The second half is underway.

41.00: There is a break in play for an injury to a Chiefs player Johan Bardoul who looks to have broken a thumb. He comes off.

42.00: The Chiefs win a penalty. Cruden takes the quick tap but it doesnt work for him as the Chiefs are shut down quickly and they lose the ball.

Another penalty to the Chiefs. McKenzie takes the kick. He nails it. The Chiefs lead again. Kerr-Barlow is still off.

47.00: Penalty to the Jaguares. They run the ball. The Chiefs turn it over and kick it well down field.  Tomas Lavannini goes down with an arm injury. He may have to come off.

48.00: Brad Weber comes on for Kerr-Barlow.

52.00: Anton Lienert-Brown makes a dash for the line, he passes to James Lowe who scores in the corner. TRY!

53.00: McKenzie slots the conversion.

56.00: Penalty to the Chiefs. they run it but get caught and the Jaguares turn the ball over and Cane goes in with a high tacke. Penalty to the Jaguares. They kick upfield.

61.00: The Jaguares bring on a new front row as they try and keep the players fresh. The Chiefs immediately win a penalty from the scrum. They will kick for posts. McKenzie lines up the kick.

63.00: McKenzie misses the penalty.

64.00: The Jaguares counter attack but a player goes down in a heap after a Sam Cane tackle. The medics rush in. This could take a while. It’s Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro who is down. Not pretty. The game resumes. Can could be cited for that.

66.00:The Jaguares break and get the ball to the 5m line. They drive to the line but are kept out. They will however get the put in.

68.00: Big scrum from the Jaguares. It collapses and has to be reset.

70.00: The Scrum is battling to complete. The Jaguares get the ball and attack on the line. They go over but look to be held up. We will go to the TMO. The try will be awarded but to who. Its to Landajo.

71.00: Sanchez adds the conversion.

73.00: Out of nothing the Jaguares run the ball from deep in their half. Matías Moroni runs almost 90 m and scores. TRY! Jaguares lead.

74.00: Sanchez misses the conversion.

77.00: Chiefs on the attack in the Jaguares half. They get the bnall to the 22m line. They pass the ball down the line and Cruden sends a long pass to Brad Weber who scores. TRY!

McKenzie takes the conversion. He nails it.

The siren sounds. The Chiefs have won.

The full time score is Jaguares 26 (14) Chiefs 30 (13)


Tries – A.Creevy, M.Landajo, M.Moroni
Pen – N.Sanchez 2
Con – N.Sanchez
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – S.Nicholl, D.McKenzie, J.Lowe, B.Weber
Pen – A.Cruden
Con – D.McKenzie 2
Drop –
Cards – T.Kerr-Barlow (38th min yellow)

Match Officials
Referee: Chris Pollock
Assistant Ref 1:Jamie Nutbrown
Assistant Ref 2:Federico Anselmi
TMO : Santiago Borsani



1- Santiago García Botta, 2- Agustín Creevy (C), 3- Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, 4- Guido Petti, 5- Tomas Lavannini , 6- Pablo Matera, 7-Juan M Leguizamon, 8-Leonardo Senatore 9- Martín Landajo, 10- Nicolás Sánchez, 11- Emiliano Boffelli, 12-Juan M. Hernandez, 13-Jeronimo de la Fuente , 14-Santiago Cordero , 15- Jaoquin Tuculet

Replacements : 16- Julián Montoya, 17-Roberto Tejerizo, 18-Felipe Arregui, 19-Matías Alemanno,, 20- Facundo Isa, 21-Felipe Ezcurra, 22- Santiago González Iglesias,, 23- Matías Moroni,


1. Mitchell Graham, 2. Hika Elliot, 3. Hiroshi Yamashita , 4. Michael Allardice , 5. Johan Bardoul , 6. Tom Sanders, 7. Sam Cane , co-captain 8. Michael Leitch , 9. Tawera Kerr-Barlow, 10. Aaron Cruden ,co-captain 11. James Lowe , 12. Charlie Ngatai , 13. Anton Lienert-Brown , 14. Sam McNicol , 15. Damian McKenzie

Replacements : 16. Rhys Marshall , 17. Pauliasi Manu , 18. Siate Tokolahi , 19. Taleni Seu, 20. Maama Vaipulu , 21. Brad Weber, 22. Seta Tamanivalu , 23. Glen Fisiiahi.

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