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Highlanders beat Jaguares in Buenos Aires



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The final match in Super Rugby Rd.16 is in Buenos Aires where the Jaguares host Super Rugby champions the Highlanders.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

The anthems are being played. Actually it’s just the Argentina anthem to celebrate the Bicentennial of Independence.

Lima Sopoaga kicks off and the match is underway.

2.00: The Highlanders attack almost from the kick off. They put the Jaguares under pressure in their 22. They go from side to side and after 12 phases Ben Smith goes for the line and scores. TRY!

3.00: Lima Sopoaga takes the conversion kick and he nails it.

5.00: The Highlanders have the ball on attack again. They are really up for this. They kick up-field and the Jaguares kick back. The whistle goes as there is an injury. The game resumes.

6.00: The Highlanders win a penalty. Sopoaga goes for touch but misses. The Jaguares kick it back and into touch.

8.00: Juan Martin Hernandez takes a knock but gets back up. The first scrum of the match comes after a Highlanders knock on.

10.00: The scrum completes after a reset. The Jaguares clear the ball to Ben Smith. He starts the counter attack and the Highlanders have to kick the ball straight into touch under pressure.

11.00:Penalty to the Jaguares for tackling a player in the air. Nicolas Sanchez will have a shot at goal.

12.00: He nails it.

13.00: In broken play the Highlanders get the ball from an intercept and Rob Thompson races away and scores. TRY! Big blow for the Jagaures as they were looking likely to score.

Sopoaga takes the conversion kick and he nails it.

17.00: The Jaguares go through 7 phases and Juan Martin Hernandez goes for the drop goal but misses.

19.00: The Jaguares work the ball to the Highlanders line. They dive over the top but have a penalty. They tap and go.

20.00: The Jaguares have a penalty and there could be a card here. A fight breaks out. A bit more than the normal handbags. it dies down. Tomás Lavanini is called over or a chat with Malakai Fekitoa. The Highlanders get a talking to about offsides. Ben Smith has a word with his players.

21.00: The Jaguares take the line out. The Highlanders knock on at the line out so the Jaguares have a scrum on the 5m line.

23.00: The Highlanders rush defence pushes the Jaguares back to their 22m line. Agustin Creevy has taken a knock – he gets some taping up by the medics. Creevy comes off. Julián Montoya is on.

25.00; The Highlanders win the scrum and send the ball well downfield.

26.00: The Jaguares win a line out and get the ball into the Highlanders half but then they lose the ball.

29.00: The Highlanders win the line out and they run the ball. The Highlanders win a penalty as Sanchez takes out Aaron Smith. They kick to the corner for the line out.

30.00: The Highlanders win the line out but they lose the ball and the Jaguares kick it into touch.

31.00: The Highlanders attack from near the half way line. They show handling skills and after several players handle the ball Elliot Dixon scores. TRY! Dixon created the turn over and scored the try.

33.00: Sopoaga slots the conversion.

35.00: The Jaguares hit back by running the ball into the Highlanders 22. They change sides and bring the ball back to the other side and Juan Martin Hernandez scores in the corner. TRY!

36.00: Sanchez misses the conversion.

38.00: Penalty to the Highlanders. Sopoaga takes the kick and nails it.

40.00: The siren sounds. The ball is kicked to the corner. Its is half time.

The half time score is Jaguares 8 Highlanders 24

41.00: The Jaguares kick off and the Highlanders (Osborne) run straight back at the Jaguares and get the ball into the Jaguares half. The Jaguares force the ball into touch.

42.00: The Highlanders win a penalty at the line out. Sopoaga kicks for touch.

44.00: The Highlanders are on the attack.  The whistle goes as the Highlanders have a penalty. Both teams get a talking to about players running in.

45.00: Sopoaga lines up the kick at goal. He nails it.

50.00: Penalty to the Highlander. Another fight breaks out. Final warning for the Jaguares. Next one is a card.

51.00; The whistle goes. The Jagaures have a penalty for taking a player out in the air at the line out. The Highlanders are now on a warning. Jaguares kick for touch.

51.00: Rob Thompson gets the ball and sees a gap and takes it. The Highlanders follow up in support but concede a penalty. The Jaguares kick for touch.

55.00: Penalty to the Jagaures, Landajo takes it quickly but the Jaguares knock on.

58.00: The Jaguares pass the ball but they knock on which gives the Highlanders a scrum.

60.00: The Jaguares get themselves into a try scoring position but they lose the ball in contact.

63.00: Penalty to the Highlanders. They take the line out. Highlanders win the line out and work the ball across the face of the posts and they go over the line and score. TRY! It’s Elliot Dixon again.

64.00: Sopoaga takes the conversion and nails it.

68.00: Penalty to the Highlanders. Sopoaga kicks for touch and the line out.

69.00: The Highlanders win the line out and they move the ball to the other side but they knock on. Jaguares ball in the scrum.

71.00; The Jaguares win the scrum and kick for touch to clear.

71.00: The Highlanders kick the ball to the corner. Patrick Osborne chases it and looks to have grabbed the ball in the air and dotted it down. The replay shows a foot in touch. No try.

72.00: The Highlanders continue the attack but lose the ball forward.

75.00: The Jaguares are on the attack in the Highlanders 22. They get to the 5m line but knock on.

77.00: Matt Faddes is shown a yellow card for a shoulder charge. The Jaguares take the line out for the penalty.

79.00: The Jaguares knock on in attack. The Highlanders win the scrum and kick for touch.

80.00: The siren sounds for time. The Jaguares will have the line out. They win the line out and go wide. They get a penalty.

81.00: The Highlanders steal the ball on the Jaguares line out. They take the ball into touch. Thats it.

Highlanders have won.

The full time score is Jaguares 8 (8) Highlanders 34 (24) 


Tries – J.M.Hernandez
Pen – N.Sanchez
Con –
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – B.Smith, R.Thompson, E.Dixon 2
Pen – L.Sopoaga 2
Con – L.Sopoaga 4
Drop –
Cards – M.Faddes ((77th min yellow)

Match Officials
Referee: Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 1:Rohan Hoffmann
Assistant Ref 2:Federico Anselmi
TMO :Santiago Borsani



1. Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, 2. Agustín Creevy (cap), 3. Ramiro Herrera; 4.Javier Ortega Desio , 5. Tomás Lavanini; 6. Pablo Matera, 7. Juan M. Leguizamón, 8. Facundo Isa; 9. Martín Landajo, 10. Nicolás Sánchez, 11. Manuel Montero, 12. J Juan Martin Hernandez , 13.Jerónimo de la Fuente , 14. Santiago Cordero; 15. Joaquín Tuculet.

Replacements : 16. Julián Montoya, 17. Santiago García Botta, 18. Enrique Pieretto, 19. Ignacio Larrague, 20.Marcos Kremer , 21. Gonzalo Bertranou, 22. Matías Orlando, 23. Lucas González Amorosino.


1. Josh Hohneck , 2. Ash Dixon , 3. Siosuia Halanukonuka , 4. Tom Franklin , 5. Joe Wheeler , 6. Elliot Dixon , 7. James Lentjes , 8. Luke Whitelock , 9. Aaron Smith , 10. Lima Sopoaga , 11. Patrick Osborne , 12. Rob Thompson , 13. Malakai Fekitoa , 14. Waisake Naholo , 15. Ben Smith (C)

Replacements : 16. Greg Pleasants-Tate , 17. Aki Seiuli , 18. Ross Geldenhuys , 19. Mark Reddish , 20. Dan Pryor , 21. Te Aihe Toma , 22. Fletcher Smith , 23. Matt Faddes ,

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