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Jaguares beat Reds in Buenos Aires


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This is the final match in Super Rugby Round 5 and, it will be the first time that the Jaguares and the Reds meet in the tournament.

The Jaguares have won four of their last five games and, the Queensland Reds have won just one of their last 16 games. This will be tough for the Aussies, in a hostile Buenos Aires environment.

The teams are out on the pitch.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick-off.

BEEP! We are off in South America.

2.00: Penalty Reds and they kick for touch giving them a line-out inside Jaguares half on their 10.

4.00: Penalty Jaguares and they kick for touch.

5.00: They lose the ball though and, the visitors have the scrum.

6.00: some reset scrums in Buenos Aires, a regular occurrence in rugby these days.

8.00: The Jaguares are on the attack after the Reds cough the ball up.

10.00: A scrum to the home team ends with a penalty to the Reds. They opt for the line-out, seems to be the way, except for the Cheetahs and Sharks, who always take the points.

12.00: The Queenslanders have a scrum inside their 22.

15.00: Penalty! Juan Martin Hernandez steps up to take it but, he pulls it wide and to the left. Very unusual for the flyhalf.

17.00: The home side continue their attack and, the Reds are under pressure.

18.00: YELLOW CARD! Eto Nabuli is shown a yellow card and will spend 10 minutes on the sidelines. This looks to be a pretty harsh call, Nabuli is asked to explain his actions for knocking the ball down but, is off.

19.00: What’s going on here? another YELLOW CARD! This time Kane Douglas is sent to the sin bin. Reds down to 13 men. It’s for offside and cynical play.

20.00: TRY! Jeronimo De La Fuente! The man with the best name in rugby gets the games first points. Leonardo Senatore started the move from the back of the scrum. Gonzalo Bertranou gave him the final pass. Hernández adds the extras.

21.00: The Reds kick the ball deep and, the Jaguares return the clearance and, find touch on the halfway line.

23.00: Scrum reset on the home team’s 22.

25.00: A big scrum by the Jags who, need to get another score to really capitalise on these two cards.

26.00: TRY! Ramiro Moyano! Jaguares win the line-out and, Moyano breaks through, goes all the way for another five-pointer. The home team have capitalised on the two-man advantage.

28.00: The conversion is missed. Reds kick deep and are on the attack.

30.00: Nabuli and Douglas are back and, the Reds kick a penalty to touch, inside the Jaguares 22.

32.00: PENALTY! Jake McIntyre! The Reds are on the scoreboard, finally.

34.00: Jaguares kick, win the ball back. Knock-on and, it’s a Reds scrum, inside their own 22.

36.00: Another scrum but, the game is slowing down before the break. Reds will be happy with the nine-point deficit, considering the two yellows.

39.00: PENALTY! The ref goes back for a penalty after consulting with the TMO. It’s a long consultation but, Hernandez adds the extra 3 points.

40.00: BEEP, BEEP! It’s halftime.

The halftime score is Jaguares 15 Reds 3

The teams are out BEEP! The second half has started.

41.00: Line-out Jaguares inside Reds 10. Izaia Perese is off for Chris Kuridrani and Izack Rodda for Hendrik Tui.

42.00: Ramiro Moyano is subbed for Emiliano Boffelli.

43.00: The home team have a scrum.

44.00: The Jaguares are on the attack inside Reds’ territory.

44.00: Jaguares substitution: Ramiro Herrera is on for Felipe Arregui and the Reds swap Taniela Tupou for Sam Talaka.

46.00: Jaguares win the ball back and kick it into touch, line-out Reds, inside the Jaguares’ half. Penalty Jaguares and the kick for touch.

48.00: Try! Jeronimo De La Fuente at the double! They maul, show patience and eventually, De la Fuente sees a gap and goes all the way.

49.00: Hernández adds the conversion and, the game is passing the visitors by.

50.00: The Reds kick deep inside the Jaguares’ 22 and, the hosts return it.

51.00: Scrum to the Aussies.

54.00: The Reds win a penalty just inside the Jaguares’ half. The Reds go for the lineout.

56.00: They secure their lineout, maul forward and then go wide. The Reds win another penalty for offside. McIntyre finds touch five metres from the line.

57.00: TRY Scott Higginbotham! Boy, the Australians needed that score. They secure another lineout and Kuridrani is held up short. They continue forward and then Higginbotham uses his reach to stretch and score.

58.00: McIntyre is short with the conversion.

59.00: George Smith is on the field for the Reds; Adam Korczyk is off.

61.00: Rodrigo Baez is on for Marcos Kremer and, Lucas Noguera Paz goes off for Santiago Garcia Botta.

62.00: Reds win the line-out. Knock on scrum Jaguares on their 10. Nicolás Sánchez is on for Juan Martín Hernández; what a substitution to be able to make, especially, at this stage of the game.

63.00: Yellow card Bautista Ezcurra! It was coming but, it is always coming for the South Americans, a high tackle. the Reds kick deep for a line-out.

65.00: Time is running out for the visitors; they need a try and soon. The Reds win their lineout ball after another penalty, but it is turned over and, they give away a penalty for offside. That is a relief for the Jaguares. Five-metre from their line.

66.00: Kirwan Sanday is on for Markus Vanzati. No Advantage penalty Reds.

68.00: McIntyre finds Kerevi in midfield, as the Reds go forward. Kuridrani carries it further and then the Jaguares are penalised for offside. McIntyre finds touch on the 22.

69.00: The TMO rules that Douglas is guilty of a high tackle and the Jaguares win a penalty. They find touch on the Reds ten-metre line. A let off for the home team. The game is a bit scrappy now.

70.00: The game is winding down, the Reds are trying to mount a comeback.

71.00: Karmichael Hunt throws forward pass and then the Jaguares go forward. Another handling error, as Sánchez, hands a forward pass to his wing. The visitors will get another chance.

74.00: The Jaguares steal a Reds lineout on the halfway line. It is turned over and then Kerevi makes good ground deep inside the Jaguares’ half. The Reds then win a penalty for a high tackle by Santiago García Botta.

76.00: McIntyre finds touch for a Reds lineout eight metres from the Jaguares’ line. Smith clears it, but his pass to Kerevi is poor and is knocked on.

78.00: Scrum Jaguares on their 22. Scrum reset.

79.00: Higginbotham steals a Jaguares’ lineout and McIntyre finds touch on his own 10. The Reds win a penalty for offside. This time the lineout is on the Jaguares 10.

80.00: Jaguares takes the tap and kicks to touch, ending the game. Another big win for the Argentines and, another loss for the Aussies.

The final score is Jaguares 22 (15) Reds 8 (3)

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The score after 80 minutes is Jaguares 22 (15) Reds 8 (3)


Tries – De La Fuente (2), Moyano
Pen – Hernández
Con – Hernández (2)
Drop –
Cards – Yellow (Ezcurra, 63rd minute)

Tries – Higginbotham
Pen – McIntyre
Con –
Drop –
Cards – Yellow (Nabuli, 18th minute), Yellow (Douglas, 19th minute)

Match Officials
Referee: Mike Fraser
Assistant Ref 1: Jamie Nutbrown
Assistant Ref 2: Damian Schneider
TMO: Santiago Borsani



15 Joaquín Tuculet, 14 Ramiro Moyano, 13 Matías Orlando, 12 Jerónimo de la Fuente, 11 Bautista Ezcurra, 10 Juan Martín Hernández, 9 Gonzalo Bertranou, 8 Leonardo Senatore, 7 Tomás Lezana, 6 Pablo Matera, 5 Matías Alemanno, 4 Marcos Kremer, 3 Felipe Arregui, 2 Agustín Creevy (captain), 1 Lucas Noguera Paz

Replacements: 16 Roberto Tejerizo, 17 Santiago García Botta, 18 Ramiro Herrera, 19 Guido Petti, 20 Rodrigo Baez, 21 Felipe Ezcurra, 22 Nicolás Sánchez, 23 Emiliano Boffelli


15 Karmichael Hunt, 14 Izaia Perese, 13 Samu Kerevi, 12 Duncan Paia’aua, 11 Eto Nabuli, 10 Jake McIntyre, 9 James Tuttle, 8 Scott Higginbotham, 7 Adam Korczyk, 6 Leroy Houston, 5 Kane Douglas, 4 Izack Rodda, 3 Sam Talakai, 2 Stephen Moore (captain), 1 Markus Vanzati

Replacements: 16 Andrew Ready, 17 Kirwan Sanday, 18 Taniela Tupou, 19 Lukhan Tui, 20 Hendrik Tui, 21 Nick Frisby, 22 Lachie Maranta, 23 Chris Kuridrani

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