Japan appoint Eddie Jones as DOR for new team





The Japanese Rugby Union have announced that former Wallabies coach Eddie Jones
has been appointed as the Director of Rugby of their new Super Rugby team.

Jones is currently the Japan National team head coach but will move over to
be the Director of Rugby for the Japan team that will join Super Rugby in 2016.

Jones has coached the Brumbies and the Reds at Super Rugby level and was also
an assistant coach of the South African team that won the world cup in 2007.

The Japanese Super Rugby team has yet to be named but will be based in Tokyo
and will play up to four matches in Singapore.

The team will be in one of two new South African conferences that will be part
of the new Super 18 format.

“As the first Director of Rugby, I feel a large responsibility as well feeling
fortunate,” Jones is quoted by Reuters.

“More than anything else, though, I look forward to working with staff
and players to build a team that represents Japanese rugby.

“With pride and passion we’ll take part in Super Rugby and I hope this
will give Japanese players experience of rugby at an international level.”

“Taking part in the challenge of Super Rugby is extremely important for
Japanese Rugby,” the 55-year-old told Reuters.

“The tough battles of Super Rugby make it possible to advance from Top
League rugby to test match level.

“This will give many Japanese rugby players the chance to play international
rugby regularly.”

The Japanese Rugby Union have also announced the formation of the Japan SR
Association that will be chaired by Yoshitaka Tashira.

The Japan SR Association will manage the operations of the team, selection
of players, the management of matches, ticket sales and other related business.

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