Jones – ‘Fourth side causes pain’




Eddie Jones, coach of the embattled and bewildered Reds side, believes that it is the addition of a fourth Super 14 side to Australian rugby that is creating the dark cloud which has descended upon their results this year.

Jones suggests that Australian rugby was always due for some kind of slump, owing to a golden period they enjoyed in the late 90’s and then in the early part of this century. But now, to make matters worse, the advent of the Force is draining the Super teams of depth.

“This was always going to happen because we had such a good period,” Jones told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“But it has been exacerbated at Super 14 level with the advent of the fourth side, which was always going to cause pain. We knew that. And it’s coming through.”

And Jones sees the prime example of this in his own Reds side, of whom he does not mince his words.

“It’s almost like watching a Shakespearean tragedy. The main characters aspire to greatness and almost achieve it but deep down you know they are doomed to fail.”

“It’s almost like we like losing,” Jones said to The Australian.

“You can’t accept that to be acceptable at all and I think that’s part of the problem at this place. That it has become acceptable to lose honourably.

“The players have learned behaviour and now they have to unlearn it.”


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