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Kings beat Jaguares in Port Elizabeth



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The third Super Rugby match on Friday is in South Africa where the Southern Kings host the Jaguares at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

The teams are on the field.

Louis Fouche kicks off and the match is underway.

1.00: Jurgen Visser takes an early knock and goes down. The medics are on. Visser is stretchered off. The game resumes with a penalty to the Kings.  Dewald Human comes on for his first Super Rugby cap.

2.00: Fouche takes the kick and nails it.

4.00: Another penalty to the Kings. This time from the scrum. Angling in. Fouche takes the kick but misses.

6.00: The Kings get away with a knock on and chip upfield. The Jaguares get the ball and Juan Martín Hernández loses the ball.

8.00: The Kings win the scrum and pass the ball down the line but it goes into touch. The Jaguares win the line out and kick for touch.

11.00: The Jaguares run the ball at the Kings but  Juan Martín Hernández passes the ball well forward.

13.00: The TMO is called in for some potential foul play. Its a penalty to the Kings against Wandile Mjekevu for tripping. They kick for touch.

15.00: 15.00: The Jaguares win the penalty from the scrum. They will kick for posts. Sanchez will take a shot at the posts. He nails the kick and levels the scores.

18.00: The Kings win a line out and try to use the maul. The Jaguares drive throuigh and come away with the ball. As they press forward the Kings concede a penalty. They kick to the corner and just miss it. The Kings kick the ball back and they too fail to find touch. The Jaguares kick again with a penalty and this time they find touch.

21.00: The Jaguares win the line out and then win a penalty. They choose a 5m line out. Schalk Oelofse comes on for a blood sub for JC Astle.

22.00: The Jaguares win the line out and drive to the line. They are stopped short but go again.  After 9 phases they go over again but get held up. Steven Sykes gets a talking to for Kings infringements.

24.00: The Jaguares try the kick to the corner. Emiliano Boffelli gets to the ball and scores. He injures himself in the process. No wait first they want to check some foul play. Tomás Lavanini entered the ruck from the side with his shoulder. It’s a red card for Tomás Lavanini ! No try as well. The Kings kick for touch.

26.00: The Kings break out and run the ball into the Jaguares 22 but they can’t control the ball. The Jaguares win the ball and kick it out. JC Astle is ready to come back on.

27.00: The Kings win the line out and they go wide. Mjekevu chases a ball but knocks it on.

29.00: The Jaguares win the ball from a 5m scrum. They run the ball. It is taken into touch.

31.00: The Kings win the ball from a line out. They run the ball but they knock on.

33.00: The Jaguares win a penalty – against Steven Sykes for a late charge. They will kick for posts.

34.00: Sanchez nails the kick and the Jaguares lead.

36.00: The Jaguares knock the ball on in attack. They win a free kick and run the ball.

37.00: The Kings get caught offside as the Jaguares attack. Steven Sykes is down but the Jaguares kick for touch. The TMO is called in to review some potential foul play. Ramiro Herrera cleaned Sykes out of a ruck with his shoulder to Sykes’ head. The decision is another RED! The Kings get a penalty on the half way line.

38.00; The Kings kick for touch. They win the line out. The Kings attack and then kick the ball away as they had the advantage. They choose the line out.

39.00: The Kings win the line out and drive over the line. They can’t get the ball down though. The Jaguares get the put in for the 5m scrum. Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro comes on for Juan Manuel Leguizamón.

40.00: The Jaguares win the scrum. They kick the ball out. It’s half time.

The half time score was Kings 3 Jaguares 6

The Jaguares kick off and the second half is underway.

42.00: The Jaguares get another penalty so Sanchez takes a shot at the posts. He nails it.

Penalty count conceded : Kings 11  Jaguares 5

45.00: Sanchez goes for a drop goal but he misses – well off.

46.00:  The Kings concede another penalty and Sanchez lines up the posts. He nails it.

50.00:  Juan Martín Hernández goes for another drop goal attempt but he misses.

51.00: Another penalty to the Jaguares. Sanchez slots the penalty and nails it.

54.00: Obstruction from the Kings so the Jaguares have a scrum on their 5m line. They win the scrum and boot the ball into touch.

56.00: The Kings win the line out and work the ball into the Jaguares 22.

57.00: The Kings get called back for a penalty. Edgar Marutlulle is down injured which holds up the match.

58.00: The Jaguares win a line out and Landajo tries to clear the ball but Schalk Ferreira charges it down and pounces on it and scores. TRY!

59.00: Fouche adds the conversion.

62.00: The Jaguares go through 20 phases on attack and get to the Kings tryline. They use the pick and go and Facundo Isa muscles over and scores. TRY! All from the restart.

63.00: Sanchez adds the conversion.

67.00: Penalty to the Kings after a break out. They kick to the corner for the line out.

68.00: The Kings win the line out and run the ball. They move the ball across the face of the posts and go through six phases. They have the advantage and then get the penalty for collapsing the maul.

69.00: The Kings take the line out and use the maul, they go wide to the corner and might have scored. The TMO is called in. If no try there will be a penalty. No try – foot in touch. The Kings get the penalty AND Tomás Lezana is yellow carded for pulling down a maul. The Jaguares will finish the match with 12 players!

70.00: The Kings take the scrum option.

71.00: Penalty try to Southern Kings.  Fouche adds the conversion.

73.00: The Kings run the ball and stretch the Jaguares and Dewald Human scores in the corner. TRY! Scores are level.

74.00: Fouche adds the conversion and the Kings lead.

76.00: The Kings stretch the Jaguares again and this time Wandile Mjekevu scores in the corner.

77.00: Fouche misses the conversion.

80.00: The siren sounds. The whistle goes and its full time. The Kings have won.

The full time score is Kings 29 (3) Jaguares 22 (6)


Tries – S.Ferreira, Penalty try, D.Human, W.Mjekevu
Pen – L.Fouche
Con – L.Fouche 3
Drop –
Cards –

Tries -F.Isa
Pen – N.Sanchez 5
Con – N.Sanchez
Drop –
Cards – T. Lavanini (25th min Red), R.Herrera (37th min Red), T.Lezana (70th min yellow)

Attendance: 3577

Match Officials
Referee: Nick Briant
Assistant Ref 1:Quinton Immelman
Assistant Ref 2:Ben Crouse
TMO :Marius Jonker


Southern Kings

15. Jurgen Visser , 14. Lukhanyo Am , 13. Stefan Watermeyer , 12. Shane Gates (VC) , 11. Wandile Mjekevu , 10. Louis Fouche , 09. Ntando Kebe , 08. Aidon Davis , 07. Thembelani Bholi , 06. Stefan Willemse , 05. JC Astle , 04. Steven Sykes (C) , 03. Jacobie Adriaanse , 02. Edgar Marutlulle , 01. Schalk Ferreira

Replacements : 16. Martin Bezuidenhout , 17. Justin Ackerman , 18. Tom Botha , 19. Schalk Oelofse , 20. Jacques Engelbrecht , 21. Kevin Luiters , 22. Dewald Human , 23. JP du Plessis


1- Santiago García Botta , 2- Agustín Creevy (C) , 3- Ramiro Herrera , 4- Guido Petti , 5- Tomás Lavanini , 6- Tomás Lezana , 7- Juan Manuel Leguizamón , 8- Facundo Isa , 9- Martín Landajo , 10- Nicolás Sánchez , 11- Emiliano Boffelli , 12- Juan Martín Hernández , 13- Segundo Tuculet , 14- Matías Orlando , 15- Joaquín Tuculet

Replacements : 16- Julián Montoya , 17- Facundo Gigena , 18- Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro , 19- Matías Alemanno , 20- Javier Ortega Desio21- Felipe Ezcurra , 22- Santiago González Iglesias , 23- Ramiro Moyano

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