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Kings beat Sunwolves in Port Elizabeth




The third match on Saturday is Super Rugby round six is in Port Elizabeth where the Southern Kings host the Sunwolves.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In  the meantime why not have a look at the match preview for this match. 

The Sunwolves kick off and we are underway.

1.00: The Southern Kings knock on after the kick off so the Sunwolves have a scrum. They win the scrum and Tusi Pisi chip kicks the ball straight into touch.

2.00: The Southern Kings get the ball and Jurgen Visser races for the corner. He is tackled into touch before he scores. The TMO checks. No try.

3.00: The Southern Kings get the ball from a scrum 5m out. They work the ball to the mid-field and Steven Sykes goes for the line. There appears to be a hint of a second movement but the TRY is awarded anyway.

4.00: The try is converted by Louis Fouche.

7.00: Penalty to the Southern Kings. Louis Fouche takes the kick and nails it.

9.00: The Sunwolves earn a penalty as a Kings player fails to release in the tackle. Pisi takes the kick and nails it. The Sunwolves are on the scoreboard.

13.00: The Sunwolves work the ball into the Kings half. They get an advantage after a knock on , they play on but Edgar Marutlulle is injured so the whistle goes. The Sunwolves have the scrum.

15.00: The Sunwolves get driven back in the scrum and the Kings win a penalty.

16.00: The Kings kick for touch and the line out with the penalty. They win the line and recycle the ball as they go down the line and Malcolm Jaer slips through and scores. TRY!

17.00: Fouche misses the conversion.

21.00: The Sunwolves work the ball to the Kings tryline. They move the ball across the face of the posts and Shota Horie slips through a gap and scores. TRY!

22.00: Pisi adds the conversion.

25.00: The Sunwolves work the ball into the Kings 22. Pisi starts the attack and brings the forwards in and then the ball comes back to him and he sells a dummy and scores. TRY!

26.00: Pisi misses the conversion.

28.00: The Kings win another penalty from the scrum. They will kick for posts. Fouche takes the kick and nails this one.

31.00: The Kings kick for touch but fail to find it. The Sunwolves chip the ball back and the Kings regroup and kick high and chase. The Sunwolves come away with the ball and attack. The Kings however turn the ball over and Shane Gates races to the line and scores. Great pace. TRY!

32.00: Fouche takes the conversion but misses.

38.00: The Southern Kings move the ball and go through the phases but they knock on. The Sunwolves win a scrum and attack the Kings. Pisi chips and chases and passes to Quirk. The Sunwolves move the ball wide and Tim Bond scores. TRY!

39.00: Pisi takes the conversion kick but he misses as the siren sounds.

Its half time.

The half time score was Kings 23 Sunwolves 20

The Kings kick off and we are underway.

The referee goes down and twists his ankle as he trips over a player. He carries on.

43.00: The Kings get a penalty as Tim Bond is in front of the kicker – offside. They kick for touch and set up the line out.

46.00: The Kings are putting the pressure on the Kings by playing the game in the Sunwolves half. The Sunwolves defend a 5m scrum and kick for touch to clear the pressure.

51.00: The Sunwolves go through 8 phases on attack but as they get to the Kings 22 they concede a penalty. The Kings kick for touch after being marched forward another 10m for a Sunwolves mistake.

53.00: The Sunwolves earn a penalty in the Kings half. Pisi takes the kick and nails it. The scores are level.

57.00: The Sunwolves are caught offside so the Kings have a penalty. Fouche will take the kick for posts. He nails it. The Kings lead again.

61.00: The sunwolves look to hit back and work the ball to the Kings line. The ball is slow but they keep up the attack going across the field with the pick and go. Riaan Viljoen gets wrapped up in the defence by the Sunwolves get a penalty. The Sunwolves tap and go for the line.

63.00: The Sunwolves go again and again for the line. 7 phases but the whistle goes and we go to the TMO for a dangerous tackle. Penalty to the Sunwolves for CJ Velleman’s tackle. The Sunwolves tap and go. The Kings hold them out time and time again though. The Kings win a penalty.

66.00: The Kings win a scrum on the half way line. They kick but the ball is charged down. Pisi chases and and its a race between him and Cloete but Cloete wins and dots the ball down. Sunwolves 5m scrum.

68.00: Scrum penalty to the Sunwolves. They choose another scrum.

71.00: The Sunwolves get so close to scoring but the Kings hold them out. The Sunwolves think they have scored but the referee says no. The Kings win a penalty. They clear.

73.00: The Sunwolves work the ball back into the Kings 22. The Kings win the line out though and they clear the ball.

75.00: The Sunwolves win the line out again and they attack but this time the Kings win the ball back and will get the put in at the scrum. The TMO is called in for foul play. Penalty only against Harumichi Tatekawa for a neck tackle. The Kings kick for touch.

77.00; The Kings set up a scrum on the Sunwolves 5m line. One of the Sunwolves players needs attention which pauses the match. The game resumes with the Sunwolves scrum.

78.00: The Kings drive the Sunwolves back and the ball pops out the back and Elgar Watts dives over to score. TRY!

Fouche adds the converison.

The Sunwolves are not done. Pisi attacks and sets up Akihito Yamada who races for the corner and scores. TRY!

79.00: Pisi misses the conversion.

The siren sounds.

The Kings get through on attack but as they go for the line they are pushed into touch. Thats it the Kings have won.

The full time score is Kings 33 (23) Sunwolves 28 (20)


Tries – S.Sykes, M.Jaer, S.Gates. E.Watts
Pen – L.Fouche 3
Con – L. Fouche 2
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – S.Horie, T.Pisi, T.Bond, A. Yamada
Pen – T.Pisi 2
Con – T.Pisi
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge
Assistant Ref 1:Cwengile Jadezweni
Assistant Ref 2:Rodney Bonaparte
TMO : Christie du Preez


Southern Kings

15 Jurgen Visser, 14 Siyanda Grey, 13 Stefan Watermeyer, 12 Shane Gates, 11 Malcolm Jaer, 10 Louis Fouche, 9 Ntando Kebe, 8 Aidon Davis, 7 Stefan Willemse, 6 CJ Velleman, 5 JC Astle, 4 Steven Sykes (c), 3 Jacobie Adriaanse, 2 Edgar Marutlulle, 1 Sti Sithole

Replacements : 16 Martin Ferreira, 17 Schalk Ferreira, 18 Tom Botha, 19 Schalk Oelofse, 20 Chris Cloete, 21 Kevin Luiters, 22 Elgar Watts, 23 Jaco van Tonder


1-Keita Inagaki, 2 -(c) Shota Horie, 3-Shinnosuke Kakinaga, 4-Hitoshi Ono, 5-Timothy Bond, 6-Liaki Moli ,7-Andrew Durutalo, 8-Ed Quirk, 9-Kaito Shigeno, 10-Tusi Pisi, 11-Akihito Yamada, 12-Yu Tamura, 13-Harumichi Tatekawa, 14-Viliami Lolohea, 15-Riaan Viljoen

Replacements: 16-Futoshi Mori, 17-Masataka Mikami , 18-Takuma Asahara , 19-Shinya Makabe ,20-Yoshiya Hosoda , 21-Tomas Leonardi , 22-Yuki Yatomi , 23-Mifiposeti Paea.


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