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Latham ‘pins his hopes’





Wallaby and Reds injured fullback Chris Latham is targeting the first Bledisloe Cup game of the year as his comeback date.

Latham, whose right knee is now out of a brace, following its reconstruction last month, is hungry for a return on June 30, when the Australians take on the world’s top-ranked side New Zealand, having been whitewashed three to nil in last year’s Bledisloe Cup matches.

“I’m pinning all my hopes on that date. We’re not rushing it. We’ve been very cautious,” Latham told Australia’s Sunday’s Telegraph.

“The medical staff looking after me know what I’m like and that I love to push things to the limit.

“But they’ve said if I push things too hard in the first 12 weeks I can do more harm than good.

“If I can get back into contact four or five or six weeks before that game I’ll be pushing my hardest to be playing earlier than that.”

Latham suffered the injury controversially, when, on January 8 he injured himself in contact training, much to the consternation of Wallaby coach John Connolly, as the Wallabies wre supposed to be on a “Restricted Training” programme.

Latham was one of Australia’s shining lights in a very disappointing 2006, and if his comeback goes to plan, he would have another ten weeks of full fitness to prepare for the beginning of Australia’s World Cup campaign.

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