Mitchell remains committed to the Force


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Western Force coach John Mitchell has again stated his commitment to the Force following strong speculation and rumours that he was being forced out due to player pressure.

Rumours have yet again surfaced about Mitchell being forced to pack his bags and leave the team by angry players but he does admit that he may have to alter some training methods.

“I have always had an honest and open relationship with the players, and nothing will change,” Mitchell told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Having said that, as a head coach you have always got to look to evolve, and I am always looking to evolve.”

“I am contracted until June 2011, and I am totally committed to that contract – I will be meeting my obligations.”

Players have privately raised issues with Mitchell’s direct style, but the former All Blacks coach said he had still yet to be formally notified of any objection to him remaining as Head coach.

“Until somebody actually notifies you in writing about these issues, you can only continue as you have been.”


Rumours have been surfacing saying that Mitchell is ready to pack his bags and head for Europe in order to pick up a big European coaching contract.


Mitchell however says that he still has a contract to stay on with the Force.

“I have just moved past the first year of a new four-year contract – the previous three years are history.”

Mitchell added that he would be present for the Force’s first day of training next year, on January 5, “with bells on”.

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