Monday night matches for Super 14




A move by televison bosses to spread rugby matches to other days of the week looks like it is gathering pace. Australian broadcasters are favouring matches being aired on Monday or Thursday nights.

In New Zealand the Rugby Union officials have shown an interest in the concept although they want to test the concept in their Air New Zealand Cup.

In Australia they are keen to push ahead and officials want to start with matches involving New Zealand and Australian teams.

“We’re very much in favour of that and think it would be a great move forward,” Fox Sports rugby boss Matt McKeown told the Dominion Post in Australia.

There is currently a lot of congestion in the TV schedule and when no teams have a BYE there are seven matches shown over one weekend.

New Zealand broadcaster Sky TV has already said it believes the Monday or Thursday concept is the way forward but South Africa is against it.

“Rugby in Australia is looking to push hard and attract a bigger audience. The only way to do that is when you’re not competing against other sports,” said McKeown.

“I can guarantee it will be on the agenda at the next broadcasters’ meeting (with Sanzar) in July and our points will be made forcefully.”

South Africa originally rejected the concept for this year but the Dominion Post reports that the Unions can only reject broadcasters requests for player welfare reasons.

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