New trophy for Super 14




The first ever match of the Super 14 kicks off on the 10th of February 2006 and it is only right that the new tournament gets a new trophy. So in Wellington a new Super 14 trophy was unveiled and it is made of sterling silver and it a globe incorporating the new Super 14 logo.

The Globe stands on a four sided twisted tower and is more on the lines of the Football World cup than the traditional cup shape. It was handmade by Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith in Nelson New Zealand.

The trophy took 200 hours to complete over a two-month period. It stands 49 centimetres high and weighs 2.7 kilograms.

NZRU Sponsorship and Marketing Manager Fraser Holland said that with a tournament a new trophy was needed, “We also wanted to move away from the traditional cup-style trophy and have a dynamic trophy to reflect the spirit of the Super 14.”

I think the designers have certainly achieved that, it’s a superbly crafted, iconic trophy with a definite international look about it,” Mr Holland said.

SANZAR and Australian Rugby Union CEO Gary Flowers said the three SANZAR countries were keen to have a bold new trophy to launch the revamped Super 14 competition.

“It is a great looking trophy that reflects the international flavour of the Tooheys New Super 14,” Flowers said.

“It has been designed and crafted by one of the world’s leading silversmiths who have come up with an iconic trophy that the teams will strive to hold aloft at the end of the season.

“Rugby traditionalist might question why we don’t have a trophy that you can drink a few cold beers from, but the Super 14 is a new tournament that is breaking new ground and constantly appealing to new fans, so we wanted a trophy that reflects that.

As with the Football World cup, the tournament winner will have their name engraved on it each time they win it.

The trophy will go on public display for the first time in Auckland before the first ever Super 14 match between the Blues and the Hurricanes at Eden Park.

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