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All Black hooker Anton Oliver chose a rather different path to Australia captain Stirling Mortlock on Tuesday.

While Mortlock was busy explaining why the All Blacks were ‘underdone’ and struggling to find their best form, Oliver was singing the praises of Mortlock’s entire nation!

Australia were written off before this tournament began as no hopers, with only an outside chance of making the Rugby World Cup semi-finals, but their performances in the Tri-Nations have helped to reinstate them as serious RWC contenders.

Oliver reckons it is down the the attitude and pride of the team and players.

“They never give in, they’ve got intense pride in themselves as a country and I think they are somewhat more mature than other countries in that if a performance doesn’t go their way, they are able to flush that and pick themselves up and play the next week,” he said to the All Blacks website.

“It doesn’t sink them. I think that’s a good mature view on things.

“We probably take it far more seriously, and it is a serious thing, but it is only sport at the end of the day.”

Oliver also offered an insight into life as an All Black, as he revelled in his international career revival after it seemed he had been cast by the wayside in 2004. He said he particularly enjoyed the curious ethnic mix that consititutes the All Blacks squad these days.

“I love being in this environment. I find myself using phrases and language that normally wouldn’t be part of my vocabulary and I chuckle away at myself,” he said.

“What I really love most about the All Blacks in our off-the-field environment is the mixing of different cultures and how that enhances the team and individuals.

“It is something we really try to embrace in our team and I think that is one of our greatest strengths.”
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