Rebels beat Cheetahs in Melbourne



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The Cheetahs have played two Super Rugby matches already this season while the Melbourne Rebels have yet to play a match as they had a bye last week.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

0.01: The Cheetahs kick off and we are underway.

1.00: The Cheetahs make a strong start and work the ball into the Rebels 22. They put the home side under pressure but knock on.

2.00: The Rebels win the first scrum and try to run and then kick the ball out of their half. The ball changes side a few times and then the Rebels kick the ball out.

3.00: The Rebels get some attacking ball and run down the wing. They get the ball to 5m out and continue to attack, they go wide and Lachlan Mitchell scores in the corner TRY! Credit to Jason Woodward for the initial break.

5.00: Woodward curls the conversion a little too much and misses.

6.00: The Cheetahs win a line out and get the ball out fast to wing Raymond Rhule who loses the ball in a tackle. He loses the ball and the Rebels attack attack. Rhule looks injured.

8.00: The Rebels work the ball into the Cheetahs 22 and they win a penalty for not releasing.

9.00: Woodward misses the penalty so no change in the score.

10.00: The Rebels are all attack. They chip through but Rhule gathers the ball and gets into some space and then dabs the ball ahead and it rolls out.

12.00: The Cheetahs string together 6 phases on attack but then get called back for a penalty. They will take a shot at the posts. Rebels possession has been 71%.

13.00: Goosen takes the penalty kick and misses.

16.00: Rebels continue to attack in the Cheetahs half. They get to just outside the Cheetahs 22 and win a penalty. They kick for touch.

17.00: Rebels win the line out and attack but the ball goes into touch.

18.00: The Cheetahs win the line out on their 5m line. They run a little then chip ahead but the ball goes out.

20.00: The Rebels attack in the Cheetahs 22, they almost score but get called back for a penalty. Higginbotham chips to the corner and Woodward pounces in the ball and scores the second TRY!

22.00: Woodward takes the conversion from almost the same spot and misses again.

24.00: The Cheetahs work the ball into the Rebels half but then the Rebels turn the ball over and win a penalty for hands in the ruck.

25.00: Penalty to the Rebels for a high/dangerous tackle near the half way line. Bryce Hegarty will take the kick.

26.00: Hegarty’s kick misses.

27.00: The Rebels are on the attack again and Mitchell chips ahead on the wing and chases but he goes into touch before he can get the ball down. No try. The ball bounced on the line anyway so we have a Cheetahs scrum in their 22.

28.00: Free kick to the Cheetahs from the scrum. They run it.

32.00: The ball changes sides several times with neither team really creating a threatening break.

34.00: The Rebels have the ball in the Cheetahs half on the 22 line with a scrum. They concede a penalty though so the Cheetahs kick for touch.

36.00: Penalty to the Cheetahs on the half way line. Goosen takes the shot but misses again.  

38.00: The Rebels send wave after wave of attack at the Cheetahs. With each wave they get closer and closer and then Luke Burgess goes on is own from 10m out and scores. TRY!

39.00: Hegarty takes the conversion kick from in front and nails it.

40.00: The siren sounds. Its half time.

The half time score was Rebels 17 Cheetahs 0

The Rebels kick off and we are underway.

42.00: The Cheetahs win a scrum on the half way line. They move the ball out to the wing but the Rebels stop the attack and push it back. The Cheetahs however keep the ball and the attack alive.

44.00: The Cheetahs have replaced Raymond Rhule and Shaun Venter. Sarel Pretorius is on. Jean Cook comes on as the Cheetahs win a line out and scores. TRY!

45.00: Goosen adds the conversion.

48.00: The Rebels start to string the phases together. Hugh Pyle almost gets through into a gap but is caught. The Cheetahs then knock on about 10m from their own tryline.

49.00: The Rebels edge the ball closer to the Cheetahs line. They win a penalty and take it quick but it’s not on the mark so they are called back. This time they kick for touch.

50.00: The Rebels make a mess of the line out and knock on.

51.00: The Rebels win the ball and drive for the line. They go over line and get held up. There is a call to go to the TMO, it seems to be for foul play rather than the try. Scott Fuglistaller is shown a yellow card for striking a player’s arm that wouldn’t release him in a scrum. Harsh. The Cheetahs kick for touch.

52.00: The Rebels win the Cheetahs line out and start their attack inside the Cheetahs half.

53.00: The Cheetahs almost break out but they lose the ball forward so they are called back.

54.00: The Cheetahs lose the ball at the back of the ruck and the Rebels pounce and attack but get caught and then knock on.

58.00: The Cheetahs start to attack but the Rebels turn the ball over and counter attack and Bryce Hegarty gets through a gap and goes in to score the BONUS point TRY!.

59.00: Hegarty takes the conversion and nails it.

61.00: Higginbotham makes an initial break but is stopped. The Rebels keep the ball alive and work the ball to the tryline.

62.00: The Rebels continue to flirt with the tryline by sending wave after wave of attack at the line.

63.00: The Cheetahs defend admirably and turn the ball over. Goosen kicks upfield and the Rebels take the quick line out and run it until they knock on.

65.00: The Cheetahs knock on and Higginbotham gathers the ball, he chips it down the wing but it goes into touch.

66.00: The Cheetahs enjoy a break down the wing but then lose the ball and the Rebels boot the ball downfield. We go to the TMO for a late tackle. Cheetahs get a penalty and kick for touch.

69.00: Penalyy to the Cheetahs for a high tackle. They kick for touch. Line out 5m out.

70.00: The Cheetahs win the line out and drive over the line. We go to the TMO to check if there was a try. It’s a TRY to  Ryno Barnes!

71.00: Goosen adds the conversion.

73.00: Penalty to the Rebels. They will kick for posts. Angus Roberts takes the kick but its short. The Cheetahs then lose the ball forward.

76.00: The Cheetahs line up for a drop goal it’s over. Angus Roberts.

77.00: The Rebels break out down the wing as Tom English cuts through the Cheetahs. Hugh Pyle goes over to score. We go to the TMO who rules there was a knock. No try.

79.00: Penalty to the Rebels. They will kick for posts. Roberts takes the shot and nails it.

81.00: The Rebels are not done. They break out after the siren and they stretch the Cheetahs defence and Scott Higginbotham scores in the corner. TRY!

82.00: Roberts takes the conversion but misses. That’s it though.

Full time.

The final score is Rebels 35 (17) Cheetahs 14 (0)


Tries – L.Mitchell, J.Woodward, L.Burgess, B.Hegarty. S.Higginbotham
Pen –
Con – B.Hegarty 2
Drop – A.Roberts
Cards – S. Fuglistaller (51st min yellow)

Tries – J.Cook, R.Barnes
Pen –
Con – J.Goosen 2
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
: Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 1:Matt O’Brien
Assistant Ref 2:Michael Hogan
TMO:Steve Leszczynski


Melbourne Rebels

1. Toby Smith ,2. Pat Leafa,3. Laurie Weeks,4. Hugh Pyle,5. Luke Jones,6. Sean McMahon ,7. Scott Fuglistaller,8. Scott Higginbotham (C),9. Luke Burgess,10. Bryce Hegarty,11. Tom English,12. Mitch Inman,13. Tamati Ellison ,14. Lachlan Mitchell,15. Jason Woodward

Replacements : 16. Steve Fualau ,17. Max Lahiff ,18. Paul Alo-Emile,19. Cadeyrn Neville,20. Colby Fainga’a ,21. Ben Meehan ,22. Angus Roberts,23. Tom Kingston


1 Caylib Oosthuizen ,2 Adriaan Strauss (c ) ,3 Coenie Oosthuizen ,4 Lodewyk de Jager ,5 Francois Uys ,6 Boom Prinsloo ,7 Lappies Labuschagne ,8 Philip van der Walt ,9 Shaun Venter ,10 Johan Goosen ,11 Raymond Rhule ,12 Francois Venter ( vc) ,13 Johann Sadie ,14 Cornal Hendricks ,15 Willie le Roux

Replacements : 16. Ryno Barnes ,17. Trevor Nyakane ,18. Maks van Dyk ,19. Ligtoring Landman ,20. Jean Cook ,21. Sarel Pretorius ,22. Elgar Watts ,23. Hennie Daniller

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