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Chiefs beat Rebels in Hamilton




The second Super Rugby match on Saturday is in Hamilton New Zealand where the Chiefs host Melbourne’s Rebels.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

0.01: Jack Debreczeni of the Rebels kick off and the match is underway.

1.00: The Chiefs show that they want to move the ball around early on and Damien McKenzie goes high for a ball but knocks on.

2.00: The Chiefs win a penalty for standing up in the scrum. The Chiefs kick for touch.

3.00: The Chiefs win the line out and use the maul. They get into the Rebels 22. The Rebels move the ball out and then to the backs. They go wide but  Seta Tamanivalu steps back in and dodges a tackle and scores. TRY!

5.00: Aaron Cruden slots the conversion.

7.00: The Chiefs get the ball back into the the Rebels 22. The Rebels turn the ball over and Stirzaker clears but the whistle goes for a penalty to the Rebels for offside. The Rebels clear again.

9.00: The Rebels work the ball into the Chiefs 22. They go through 6 phases and pass the ball back but its lost and the Rebels lose 20m. They start all over again and win a penalty for not releasing (Sam Cane).

11.00: Mike Harris will take the penalty kick. He nails the kick and the Rebels are on the board.

13.00: The Chiefs go through 5 phases on attack in the Rebels half. The ball is chipped through and Nathan Harris chases the ball and scores. The TMO checks the try. It’s a TRY! That is his first Super Rugby try.

14.00: Cruden can’t add the conversion from out wide.

15.00: Penalty to the Rebels for a late charge in the air on Mike Harris. Harris is fine and he will kick for posts.

16.00; Harris takes the kick but misses.

19.00: The Rebels ruck the ball back in a fierce breakdown contest. They go through one phase and the Chiefs turn the ball over. They kick wide to the corner but the ball goes into touch. We go back for a knock on.

20.00 Possession is at 57% for the Chiefs. There is a break in play for an injury.

23.00: The Chiefs go on the attack in the Rebels 22 again. After 6 phases Toni Pulu slips through a tackle and scores next to the posts.

24.00: Cruden nails the conversion and the Chiefs have the bonus point if it remains like this.

26.00: The Rebels get the ball into the Chiefs half but they knock on.

27.00:  Culum Retallick comes on for Sam Jeffries who goes off for a concussion test.

28.00; The Chiefs attack from the half way line. The Chiefs move the ball down the line and attack down the wing and then they come back in and Aaron Cruden scores next to the posts. TRY! Team try.

30.00: Cruden adds the conversion.

33.00: The Rebels are keeping the ball tighter. They go through 5 phases on attack and get into the Chiefs 22. 7 phases and they have the advantage. 9 phases.

34.00: The Rebels are called back for the penalty against Sam Cane offside.

35.00: The Rebels kick to the corner and set up a line out about 8m out. The Rebels win the line out but after a couple of phases the Chiefs get the ball and try to grind it upfield and concede a penalty.

36.00: The Rebels kick to the corner for the line out again. They win the line out and Debreczeni offloads to Tom English who scores in the corner. The TMO will check the try. Forward pass so no try.

37.00: The Chiefs win the resulting scrum on the 5m line and run it out. After they get stopped the Chiefs clear the ball into touch.

39.00: The Rebels win the line out and after a couple of phases they win a penalty for not joining the ruck correctly. They kick to the corner.

40.00: The siren sounds for half time. The Rebels win the line out and use the maul. The Chiefs defence is solid and the ball goes dead.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Chiefs 26 Rebels 3

Cruden kicks off and the second half is underway.

43.00: The Rebels win the ball from a line out and run it into the Chiefs 22.

44.00: After 11 phases the Rebels stretch the Chiefs and Mike Harris slips over and scores. TRY!

46.00: Harris takes the conversion kick and nails it.

49.00: The Chiefs work the ball into the Rebels 22. They move the ball wide to Damien McKenzie who goes for the corner but is taken into touch.

52.00: After a break in play for an injury to a player the game resumes with a  scrum for the Rebels in their 22. After a couple of lengthy resets the Chiefs come away with the ball. They attack on the left and then change sides. The Chiefs go to the right and then come back in and they score. The TMO will check. James Lowe put a foot in touch in the build up so no try. Technically the TMO should not have been allowed to go back that far as there were three phases between the foot in touch and the try.

55.00: The Chiefs knock on after the line out. Scrum.

57.00: The Rebels win the scrum and Debreczeni kicks for touch.

61.00: The Chiefs lose the ball forward after a scrum so there will another scrum. The scrums are taking an age to complete.

65.00: Penalty to the Chiefs from the breakdown for not releasing. The Chiefs kick for touch.

68.00: The Chiefs are awarded a penalty. Cruden takes the kick and nails it. He is then replaced.

71.00: The Chiefs spark into life and they spread the ball from side to side and the ball is sent high and wide to Andrew Horrell who scores. TRY !

72.00: Damien McKenzie adds the conversion.

74.00: The Rebels get one back as Mike Harris starts the counter attack and passes out to Reece Hodge who races to the line and scores. TRY!

76.00: Harris takes the conversion but misses.

78.00: The Chiefs win a scrum in the Rebels half.

79.00: The Rebels turn the ball over but then kick the ball away. The Chiefs counter attack but there is a high tackle so the Chiefs have a penalty.

80.00: McKenzie boots the ball into touch and that is it.

The Chiefs win.

The full time score is Chiefs 36 (26) Rebels 15 (3) 


Tries –  S.Tamanivalu, N.Harris, T.Pulu, A.Cruden, A Horrell
Pen – A.Cruden
Con – A.Cruden 2, A.McKenzie
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – M.Harris, R.Hodge
Pen – M.Harris
Con – M.Harris
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Angus Gardiner
Assistant Ref 1:Brendon Pickerill
Assistant Ref 2:Angus Mabey
TMO :Ben Skeen



1. Mitchell Graham , 2. Nathan Harris , 3. Hiroshi Yamashita , 4. Dominic Bird , 5. Brodie Retallick , 6. Taleni Seu , 7. Sam Cane, (cc) , 8. Michael Leitch , 9. Brad Weber , 10. Aaron Cruden (cc) , 11. James Lowe , 12. Anton Lienert-Brown , 13. Seta Tamanivalu , 14. Toni Pulu , 15. Damian McKenzie

Replacements : 16. Hika Elliot , 17. Kane Hames , 18. Siegfried Fisi’ihoi , 19. Michael Allardice , 20. Tom Sanders , 21. Kayne Hammington , 22. Andrew Horrell , 23. Sam Vaka


1. Toby Smith, 2. James Hanson, 3. Jamie Hagan, 4. Sam Jeffries, 5. Lopeti Timani , 6. Colby Fainga’a, 7. Sean McMahon, 8. Adam Thomson, 9. Nic Stirzaker (captain), 10. Jack Debreczeni, 11. Tom English , 12. Reece Hodge, 13. Mitch Inman, 14. Sefa Naivalu, 15. Mike Harris

Replacements : 16. Siliva Siliva , 17. Cruze Ah Nau, 18. Tim Metcher, 19. Culum Retallick, 20. Jordy Reid, 21. Ben Meehan, 22. Jonah Placid, 23. Kotaro Matsushima

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