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Reds beat Rebels in Melbourne



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Super Rugby moves to Melbourne in the second match on Saturday as the Rebels host Queensland’s Reds.

The Rebels have had a difficult season this year as they have played nine matches, won one and drawn one. The Reds have played 10 matches and won two.

The Melbourne Rebels have played the Reds 12 times since they joined Super Rugby in 2011 and they have won four matches and lost four.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

.001: Reece Hodge kicks off and the match is underway.

1.00: The Rebels win an early penalty so Reece Hodge lines up the posts. Hodge nails it and the Rebels lead.

4.00: Campbell Magnay comes off for a concussion test and  Izaia Perese comes on.

5.00: From their 22 the Reds attack, Samu Kerevi makes ground and offloads to Eto Nabuli who gets the Reds to the 5m line but they knock on.

6.00: The Reds win the ball back and attack in the Rebels 22. They go from side to side and Samu Kerevi gets the ball from Nabuli and scores. TRY!

7.00: The conversion is missed by Quade Cooper.

8.00: Magnay has failed the concussion test. The Rebels win another penalty. Hodge takes the kick and nails it. Rebels lead.

12.00: Penalty to the Rebels. Hodge lines up the posts. This one he misses.

13.00: The ball is taken into touch and Quade Cooper and Amanaki Mafi break out into a fight which spills into the crowd. Everyone else in the team pile in. The TMO will have a look. The captains get a warning and the match resumes with the Reds getting a line out. That is reversed and the Rebels get the line out.  The Reds however win a penalty from the line out and Cooper kicks for touch.

16.00: The Rebels win a scrum and work the ball into the Reds half.

18.00: The Rebels slowly but gradually work the ball to the Reds 5m line through 8 slow phases. The Rebels win a penalty and Karmichael Hunt is shown a yellow card. The Rebels take the scrum.

19.00: The scrum wheels and the Reds get a penalty. They clear the ball into touch.

22.00: Short arm penalty from the scrum to the Reds in the Rebels 22. The Reds get the scrum put in.

23.00: Frisby passes the ball forward so the Rebels have another scrum in their 22.

26.00: The Reds move the ball through the hands just outside the Rebels 22. They go wide with a beautiful pass from Cooper to Higginbotham who passes to Eto Nabuli who scores in the corner. TRY!

27.00: Cooper adds the conversion. Reds lead.

30.00: The Rebels get back into the Reds half with the ball. They go through 4 phases and Kerevi steals the ball and runs away with it.

32.00: The Reds run the ball to the Rebels 22 where they lose the ball. The Rebels kick it back to the Reds.

34.00: The Reds work the ball into the Rebels 22. They get a penalty and Cooper takes it quickly. The ball is stolen by the Rebels and Hodge clears it into touch.

37.00; Penalty to the Reds for hands in the ruck.

38.00: The Reds take the line out and use the maul. The Reds drive over the line and Stephen Moore scores. TRY! Third Reds try.

39.00: Frisby takes the conversion but misses.

40.00: Penalty to the Rebels. Hodge lines up as the half time siren sounds. He nails the kick.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Rebels 9 Reds 17

Sean MacMahon is on for the Rebels and the second half is underway.

43.00: The Rebels get an early penalty. Hodge lines up the kick and nails it.

44.00: The Rebels have another penalty. Hodge lines up the kick.

45.00: Hodge misses the kick.

48.00: The Rebels pass the ball through the hands after the Rebels kick the ball away. Kerevi offloads to Scott Higginbotham who scores his 36th Super Rugby TRY !

49.00: Cooper lines up the kick and nails it from out wide.

53.00: The Rebels run the ball from the half way line. Tom English makes ground and offloads to Will Miller who runs in to score. TRY !

55.00: Hodge adds the conversion.

58.00: Tom English has to come off due to injury.

63.00:The Reds run the ball on attack but the move ends as Quade Cooper passes the ball the forward.

65.00: The Reds go through four phases with the ball. On the 5th phase they get over the half way line. Nabuli gets into space on the wing and is just caught but gets the ball away. Karmichael Hunt gets the ball down for the try but the TMO will have a look for forward passes. The first pass is forward so no try.

67.00: The Reds get into space but they are also caught offside so the Rebels have a penalty.

69.00: The Rebels run the ball into the Reds 22. They change sides and come back to the wing and Marika Koroibete puts his head down and charges through a double tackle and scores. The TMO will check the grounding. It’s a TRY!

71.00: Hodge takes the conversion kick and nails it. The scores are level.

73.00 :The Reds get the ball out to Higginbotham on the wing. He makes ground but is tackled into touch and gets the ball away. The ball changes sides a couple of times as both teams look to run the ball.

75.00: The Reds move the ball smoothly and gradually working the ball closer to the line. Frisby puts in a cross kick for Higginbotham but as he goes over he loses the ball. No try.

77.00: There is a break in play as a Reds player is down and getting some medical attention.

78.00: The game resumes with a scrum for the Reds. They win the scrum and attack in the Rebels 22.Higginbotham gets through and is caught. The Reds get the ball to Kerevi who is tackled as he goes over but rolls and dots the ball down. TRY ! Reds lead.

79.00: Cooper missed the conversion.

80.00: The siren sounds and the ball is kicked into touch. The Reds have won.

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The full time score is Rebels 24 (9) Reds 29 (17)


Tries -W.Miller, M.Koroibete
Pen – R.Hodge 4
Con – R.Hodge 2
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – S.Kerevi 2, E.Nabuli. S.Moore, S.Higginbotham
Pen –
Con – Q.Cooper 2
Drop –
Cards – K.Hunt (18th min yellow)

Match Officials
Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen
Assistant Ref 1: Shuhei Kubo
Assistant Ref 2:Ed Martin
TMO :Damien Mitchelmore



1. Toby Smith, 2. James Hanson,3. Laurie Weeks,4. Steve Cummins,5. Dominic Day,6. Hugh Sinclair,7. Will Miller ,8. Amanaki Mafi,9. Ben Meehan,10. Ben Volavola,11. Marika Koroibete,12. Mitch Inman,13. Tom English,14. Sefa Naivalu,15. Reece Hodge

Replacements : 16. Siliva Siliva,17. Fereti Sa’aga,18. Tyrel Lomax,19. Culum Retallick,20. Sean McMahon,21. Harrison Goddard,22. Harrison Goddard,23. Jack Maddocks


1. Sef Fa’agase , 2. Stephen Moore , 3. Sam Talakai , 4. Rob Simmons , 5. Lukhan Tui , 6. Hendrik Tui , 7. George Smith, 8. Scott Higginbotham, 9. Nick Frisby , 10. Quade Cooper , 11. Eto Nabuli , 12. Duncan Paia’aua, 13. Samu Kerevi (C) , 14. Campbell Magnay , 15. Karmichael Hunt,

Replacements 16. Alex Mafi, 17. Kirwan Sanday , 18. Taniela Tupou , 19. Izack Rodda, 20. Adam Korczyk, 21. Moses Sorovi , 22. Hamish Stewart , 23. Izaia Perese

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