Reds to call on fans for support




QR Queensland Reds flanker David Croft and forwards coach Alex Evans have called on Queenslanders to get behind the team in Saturday night’s clash against the Blues at Suncorp Stadium, kick-off 7.35pm.

Croft is confident of another improved performance by the Reds but wants people there to enjoy it.

‘Support on the weekend for the Blues will be big, as it always is, so we’ve just got to call on our supporters to get out there and come out in force and support us in our last game before we go over to New Zealand.’

Both teams are feeling the heat in search of their first win of the season but the pressures are different. The Blues are experiencing intense public scrutiny at home, and while the Reds know how important a win is, they have received great public support for their performances in the first two rounds.

One of the most impressive features of the Reds this year has been their intent and aggression especially in their forward play, something Evans thinks will continue to improve.

‘You’ve got to be aggressive and passionate about what you’re doing and they’ve certainly shown that in the last couple of games,’ Evans said.

‘I think they can be a little bit more aggressive’ but they have to be smart about it.’

Evans concedes this will be a tough match given that both teams remain winless.

‘But it’s our ground, and ‘ we want to play well for Queensland and for the spectators on the night. There’s no doubt that Auckland will have their Kiwi support on the night so hopefully we’ll get 30,000 there.

‘So Queensland, come out and really back us in this game. We desperately need a win and we’d love to see as many supporters there as possible.’

Croft is enjoying being involved in a team that aims to dominate opposition attacks and puts the turn around to renewed belief and attitude of the players.

‘We’ve got to take belief that we’ve competed for so long against two such great teams and we’ve got to consider ourselves up on their level now,’ he said.

‘You’ve got to get used to winning and experience winning and I think we’ll do that this weekend.’

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