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Reds beat Sunwolves in Brisbane




The second Super Rugby match in Round 13 this week is also the first of six on Saturday and is in Brisbane where the Reds host the Sunwolves.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

The Sunwolves kick off and the match is underway.  There is a knock on after the kick off so there will be a scrum with the Reds putting the ball in.

2.00: The scrum has to be reset and then when it does the Reds win a penalty. They kick for touch.

4.00: The Red win the line out and then another penalty. Ayumu Goromaru lines up the posts. He nails the kick and the Reds lead.

6.00: The Reds are playing the game in the Sunwolves half. The ball goes into touch. The Sunwolves win the line out and kick deep.

7.00: The Reds get back to secure the ball and run it upfield. When the Reds get stopped Ed Quirk wins a penalty for the Sunwolves and they kick for touch.

8.00: After the Sunwolves win the line out, Jake McIntyre doesn’t roll away so the Sunwolves have another penalty. Tusi Pisi will have a shot at the posts.

10.00: Pisi takes the kick but misses.

12.00: Penalty to the Reds from the scrum. McIntyre kicks for touch.

14.00: The Reds win the line out and they use the maul loosely and then go wide and on the second phase Curtis Browning scores. TRY!

15.00: Goromaru adds the conversion.

17.00: The Sunwolves kick the ball upfield and chase. Everyone chases the ball and Chris Feauai-Sautia gets to it first and secures it. The Reds counter attack and Nick Frisby almost gets away for a try but there is a forward pass.

20.00: The Sunwolves go through six phases and get to the Reds 22. They chip the ball over the Reds for Akihito Yamada but the dead ball line wins.

22.00: The Sunwolves get some quick ball and Derek Carpenter fends off a tackle on his way to the line and scores. TRY!  Timothy Bond trips over in a tackle in the build up and has to be replaced due to injury.

23.00: Tusi Pisi adds the conversion and Hitoshi Ono comes on for Bond.

26.00: The Reds win a scrum on the half way line. They move the ball to the touchline and the clearout is slow and Atsushi Hiwasa goes to the back of the ruck to steal the ball and concedes a penalty. The Reds kick for touch and the line out with the penalty.

28.00: The Reds win the line out and they go through two phases and James Slipper scores. TRY!

29.00: Goromaru adds the conversion.

32.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves. Tusi Pisi takes the penalty kick for posts. He nails it.

35.00: The Reds go on the attack in the Sunwolves half after winning a scrum. They get the ball to Kerevi who seems to run around two tackles but is then taken into touch.

37.00:The Sunwolves take a quick line out and Yamada gets the ball and races down the line but is caught by Chris Feauai-Sautia.

38.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves after the line out. Pisi will take the kick for posts.

39.00: Pisi nails the kick and the Sunwolves trail by four.

40.00: The ball goes into touch after the kick off. The siren sounds. Frisby puts the ball into touch after the Reds win the line out.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Reds 17 Sunwolves 13

The Reds kick off and the second half is underway.

News from the doctors at half time is that Tim Bond of the Sunwolves has injured his ACL which means his Super Rugby season is over.

41.00: The Reds get the perfect start as they work the maul to the Sunwolves tryline. Curtis Browning goes over and scores his second TRY!

43.00: Goromaru takes the conversion kick but misses.

46.00: Penalty to the Reds from the scrum. McIntyre kicks for touch. He sets up a line out about 20m out.

48.00: The Reds win the line out and go through a couple of phase but then knock on.

49.00: The Reds run the ball from their half after a kick from the Sunwolves. Eto Nabuli runs down the touchline but is taken into touch.

50.00: From the line out the Sunwolves spread the ball wide and Yamada almost gets away but he passes the ball to Pisi who offloads to Derek Carpenter and he goes in for his second TRY!

51.00: Pisi slots the conversion.

53.00: Penalty to the Reds for obstruction. Goromaru lines up the kick for posts. He nails it.

55.00: The Sunwolves attack in the Reds 22 and they move the ball down the line and Liaki Moli scores in the corner. Ayumu Goromaru goes in with the shoulder and injures himself in the process. Goromaru looks like he is coming off after being given a warning for the shoulder tackle.

56.00: Pisi takes the conversion and misses but the scores are level.

58.00: The Reds hit back as they stretch the Sunwolves defence and Caderyn Neville gets into space and runs about 45m to the tryline and scores. TRY!

60.00: Jake McIntyre takes the conversion kick and nails it.

62.00: The Reds have their biggest attendance figure for the year at 19 073.The Sunwolves win a penalty from the scrum. Pisi will take a long range kick. 

63.00: Pisi takes the kick but its just short.

65.00: The Sunwolves work the ball into the Reds 22. They go through 6 phases in front of the posts. The Reds scramble in defence before the Sunwolves lose the ball forward.

66.00: The Reds win a penalty from the scrum. McIntyre kicks for touch.

68.00: The Reds win another penalty and this time McIntyre sets up a line out about 10m out.

69.00: The Reds win the line out and use the maul. They suck in a few defenders and move to the backs but pass the ball forward.

72.00: Penalty to the Reds, McIntyre takes the kick and nails it extending the lead to 10 points.

76.00: The Reds are playing a clever game now as they are keeping the Sunwolves pinned back in their half.

78.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves and a triple whistle as Liaki Moli is down. The medics come rushing in. He was injured by a  charge from Sam Talakai. The TMO reviews the tackle. Riaan Viljoen kicks for touch.

79.00: Samu Kerevi enjoys a break for the Reds but the Sunwolves turn the ball over and begin their own attack.

80.00: As the siren sounds the Sunwolves lose the ball foward. Thats it the Reds win.

The full time score is Reds 35 (17) Sunwolves 25 (13)


Tries – C.Browning 2, J.Slipper, C.Neville
Pen – A.Goromaru 2 , J.McIntyre
Con – A.Goromaru 2, J.McIntyre
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – D.Carpenter 2, L.Moli
Pen – T.Pisi
Con – T.Pisi 2
Drop –
Cards –

Attendance : 19073

Match Officials
Referee: Will Houston
Assistant Ref 1:Andrew Lees
Assistant Ref 2:Nic Berry
TMO : Damien Mitchelmore


Queensland Reds

1. James Slipper (C) , 2. Andrew Ready , 3. Greg Holmes , 4. Cadeyrn Neville , 5. Rob Simmons , 6. Hendrik Tui , 7. Liam Gill , 8. Curtis Browning , 9. Nick Frisby , 10. Jake McIntyre , 11. Eto Nabuli , 12. Anthony Fainga’a , 13. Samu Kerevi, 14. Chris Feauai-Sautia , 15. Ayumu Goromaru

Replacements 16. Matt Mafi , 17. Sef Fa’agase , 18. Sam Talakai , 19. Ben Matwijow , 20. Michael Gunn , 21. James Tuttle , 22. Duncan Paia’aua , 23. Campbell Magnay


15 Riaan Viljoen, 14. Akihito Yamada, 13 Derek Carpenter, 12 Harumichi Tatekawa (c) , 11 John Stewart, 10 Tusi Pisi, 9. Atsushi Hiwasa, 8 Ed Quirk, 7 Andrew Durutalo, 6. Liaki Moli, 5. Fa’ Atiga Lemalu, 4. Timothy Bond, 3 Shinnosuke Kakinaga, 2. Takeshi Kizu, 1 Masataka Mikami

Replacements: 16.Shota Horie, 17. Keita Inagaki , 18 Takuma Asahara, 19. Hitoshi Ono, 20 Taiyo Ando, 21. Yuki Yatomi, 22 Yu Tamura, 23 Mifiposeti Paea

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