SANZAR want clarity from Japan on signed players





Super Rugby’s organizing body SANZAR have written a letter to the Japan Rugby
Football Union asking for clarity about the numbers and names that they new
team have signed.

Japan were on track to have a team in an expanded 18 team Super Rugby tournament
but they have fallen well behind in signing players and they have also recently
lost their coach.

The Japanese side beat Singapore in the race to be named the Asian team but
reports from Japan say that the team are so far behind in planning that even
if they remain in Super Rugby they are unlikley to be competitive.

Over the weekend JRFU general secretary Noriyuki Sakamoto played down the situation
saying that they had signed enough players to meet a quota given to them by

However the acting chief executive of SANZAR Brendan Morris has revealed that
they want clarity on who they have signed and what the status is on them signing
a coach.

“We’re proposing they compete in the toughest rugby competition in the
world so I’ve written to them asking for clarification of who they’ve signed,”
Morris told The Australian newspaper.

While Japan now say that they have signed enough players reports are that they
had signed two players by July and last week that number has increased to just
five players.

Sakamoto said on the weekend that their plan to sign a coach had been delayed
by planning for the Rugby World Cup.

Australian Eddie Jones announced last week that he would step down after the
World Cup and would not be in charge of the national or the Super Rugby side.
He has been closely linked with the Stormers in Cape Town.

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