Southern Kings beat Highlanders in Port Elizabeth




The Southern Kings vs Highlanders on Saturday puts the fourteenth placed team against the fifteenth placed team.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The Highlanders are coming on to the field.
The Kings kick off and we are underway.
1.00: The ball goes to fullback Ben Smith and he kicks the ball out into touch and slices it a bit. The Kings win their line out and run the ball.
2.00: The Kings win an early penalty for not rolling away. Andrew Hore looks amazed at the referee. Catrakilis slots the penalty.
3.00: The Highlanders show some good hands as they pass the ball down the line – until the knock on.
4.00: Penalty to the Kings from the scrum. George Whitehead kicks for touch.
5.00: The Kings start to get their game going. Shaun Venter makes some ground into Highlanders territory and the Kings are in the Highlanders 22.
6.00: The Highlanders counter ruck, push the Kings back and kick the ball into touch.
8.00: The game is held up as Colin Slade has a shoulder knock. There is also a penalty for the Kings. Catrakilis takes the kick and nails it.
10.00: The Highlanders are on attack but the whistle goes as the assistant referee comes in for a report. Tony Woodcock is given a telling off and the Kings have a penalty. Again. Catrakilis kicks for touch.
13.00: The Kings go through five phases on attack. They keep the ball alive through to 6 phases but they lose the ball and the Highlanders kick and chase. Penalty to the Highlanders.
14.00: The Highlanders knock the ball on but they are called back as the Kings were not back 10. This time they will kick for posts.
15.00: Slade takes the kick and slots it. The Highlanders are on the board.
17.00: Kings possession at 67% and territory at 68%.
19.00: Penalty to the Highlanders, Slade will kick for posts. Playing the ball on the ground. Slade takes the kick and he misses.
22.00:Andries Strauss has been replaced for the Kings. Shane Gates comes on to make his Super Rugby debut.
24.00: Scrum penalty to the Kings. Collapsing. Catrakilis kicks for touch.
26.00: The Kings go through 7 phases and they get to the Highlanders 5m line. They have a penalty advantage and as they can’t make ground the whistle goes. The assistant referee comes in to report on Tamati Ellison tackling late. It’s funny how it’s always the away team the refs assistant come to report on. Anyway the Kings kick for touch at the 5m line.
28.00: The Kings win the line out and drive over the line. It looks like they are held up but we go to the TMO. Tv footage looks short and held up and a Highlanders player is taken out without the ball but the try is awarded anyway. TRY!
29.00: Catrakilis slots the conversion.
31.00: Catrakilis kicks for touch and it goes out just before the Highlanders corner flag. Great kick.
33.00: Slade chip kicks over the Kings and the Highlanders regather and attack. He does it again and this time he goes over and scores. TRY!
35.00: Slade adds the conversion.
36.00: The Kings miss their line out and the Highlanders pounce. They get the ball to the 5m line. Treeby comes close but then Brad Thorn arrives and bashes over for the TRY!
37.00: Slade slots the conversion. The Highlanders lead.
40.00: The Kings get the ball up to the Highlanders tryline. They drive over the line so we go upstairs. The siren goes. Luke Watson is thrilled. The TMO will decide. TV pictures are not good but the TMO says award the try.
41.00: Catrakilis slots the conversion and the Kings lead again. It’s half time.
The half time score was Southern Kings 20 Highlanders 17
The second half is underway.
41.00: The Highlanders concede an early penalty so Catrakilis will kick for posts. He misses.
43.00: The Kings are on attack and they they kick ahead. Ben Smith takes the mark in his 22 and runs with the ball. The Highlanders chip ahead and then George Whitehead chips ahead but its charged down and the ball goes straight to Siyanda Grey who runs the ball. The Kings are then awarded a penalty.
44.00: The Kings take a kick and quick line out and try to get the maul rolling.
45.00: The Highlanders have the ball but Slade goes to pass to Hosea Gear and the ball goes straight out.
47.00: The Kings have the ball inside the Highlanders 22. The ball is slow but steady.
49.00: The Kings continue to attack but they are not making much ground. They go from side to side but remain about 10m out. 9phases.
50.00: Catrakilis breaks and gets the Kings to the 5m line on the 10th phase. They keep the ball alive through 14 phases.
51.00: 16 phases and then Cornell du Preez goes over for the TRY! Theyre is also a yellow card for a Highlanders player.
52.00: Catrakilis takes the conversion and nails it.
55.00: Bandise Maku makes a break and then he passes to Shaun Venter who dashes in for the Kings Bonus point TRY!
56.00: Catrakilis slots the conversion.
60.00: The Highlanders work the ball into the Kings 22. They win a line out and get the ball to the 5m line. As they go forward they knock on so the Kings kick the ball down field and chase.
63.00: The Highlanders are back to 15 and they are on the attack. The Highlanders briefly have an advantage as the ref says its over. The Highlanders continue to attack.
64.00: The Highlanders go through 9 phases but they keep going sideways. 11 phases and then they win a penalty.
65.00: Fumiaki Tanaka comes on for Aaron Smith. The Highlanders continue to build their attack in the Kings half. Ben Smith gets the over the 22.
69.00: The Highlanders keep banging away at the Kings line. Tanaka has a go but is stopped. Then Shaun Treeby slips through a gap and scores. TRY!
70.00: Slade misses the conversion – it was almost in front of the posts. Daniel Adongo comes on for Steven Sykes.  
72.00: The Highlanders are not giving up and after getting the ball downfield they pass to Hosea Gear and he powers over for the bonus point TRY!
74.00: Slade misses the conversion again.
75.00: Catrakilis goes for a drop goal but misses.
76.00: Another drop goal attempt but this one is poor. The Highlanders are playing loose and running from everywhere.
78.00: The Highlanders have a scrum in the Kings 22. They have one chance to win the match one would think.
79.00: The Highlanders continue to attack.
80.09: The siren goes and the Highlanders play on.
80.35: Penalty to the Highlanders for not releasing. Whitehead kicks the ball out and the Kings win.
The full time score is Southern Kings 34 (20) Highlanders 27 (17)


Southern Kings
Tries – L.Watson 2, C.du Preez, S.Venter
Pen – D.Catrakilis 2
Con – D.Catrakilis 3
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – C.Slade, B Thorn, S.Treeby, H.Gear
Pen – C.Slade
Con – C.Slade 2
Drop –
Cards – (Tamati Ellison 51st min)

Match Officials
Jason Jaftha
Assistant Ref 1:Sindile Mayende
Assistant Ref 2:Christie du Preez
TMO : Johann Meuwesen


Southern Kings

George Whitehead, Marcello Sampson, Ronnie Cooke, Andries Strauss, Siyanda Grey, Demetri Catrakilis, Shaun Venter, Schalk Ferreira, Bandise Maku, AN Other, Wimpie van der Walt, Steven Sykes, David Bulbring, Luke Watson (captain), Cornell du Preez.

Replacements: Virgile Lacombe, AN Other, Daniel Adongo, Devin Oosthuizen, Nicolas Vergallo, Shane Gates, SP Marais.


Ben Smith, Tino Nemani, Tamati Ellison, Shaun Treeby, Hosea Gear, Colin Slade, Aaron Smith, TJ Ioane, John Hardie, Jarrad Hoeata, Josh Bekhuis, Brad Thorn, Chris King, Andrew Hore (capt), Tony Woodcock.

Replacements : Liam Coltman, Maafu Fia, Mose Tuialii, Joe Wheeler, Fumiaki Tanaka, Hayden Parker, Jason

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