Super Rugby

Sunwolves beat Jaguares in Tokyo




Super Rugby kicks off on Saturday in Tokyo Japan were the Sunwolves and the Jaguares meet for the very first time.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

Tusi Pisi kicks off and the match is underway.

1.00: Three players jump high for the ball but Joaquín Tuculet falls on his back similarly to the way Willie le Roux fell against the Highlanders so there is a break in play. Yasutaka Sasakura comes on for Viliami Lolohea. Tuculet is stretchered off.

2.00: The Jaguares win a scrum but Juan Martín Hernández boots the ball straight into touch. The Jaguares steal the line out and kick. The Sunwolves kick it back and the Jaguares kick the ball back and into touch.

3.00: The Sunwolves win the line out. They go through the phases 8 and win a penalty. Tusi Pisi will take a shot at the posts. He just sneaks it over.

7.00 : The Jaguares get the ball from the restart and attack the Sunwolves. They go through 8 phases and get to the Sunwolves try line and win a penalty. They take the line out. Initially they use the maul but then run the ball and go over but appear to have been held up. We go to the TMO. Replaces show a clear grounding of the ball but the TMO looks for obstruction. Nothing in it. The TRY is awarded to Agustín Creevy.

8.00: Hernandez misses the conversion.

11.00: Hernandez slips a long pass down the wing and the ball gets to Lucas González Amorosino on the wing and he races to the line and scores. TRY!

12.00: Hernandez hits the post with his conversion.

14.00: The Sunwolves kick for territory and set up a line out on the Jaguares 22. The Jaguares win the ball and chip it ahead. The Sunwolves get the ball back and go through a couple of phases and kick. There is a contest in the air for the ball and Emiliano Boffelli goes down. After some help he carries on but goes for a concussion test. Penalty Jaguares.

16.00: Jaguares win the line out and attack in the Sunwolves 22. They do however play the ball on the ground and knock on.

17.00: Sunwolves win the scrum in front of their posts and kick for touch. They find it on the half way line. The Jaguares win the ball and set up their attack inside the Sunwolves half.

18.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves. Pisi kicks for touch.

20.00: The Sunwolves win the line out and run at the Jagures. They go through 6 phases and get to within 10m of the tryline. They keep the ball moving and go wide and Yasutaka Sasakura scores in the corner. TRY!

22.00: Pisi adds the conversion and the scores are level.

23.00: The ball is kicked ahead and then kicked ahead again by Santiago González Iglesias and there is a chase for the ball and the line. We go to the TMO to see who grounded the ball. No try , penalty for offside in the build up to the Sunwolves.

28.00: Penalty from the scrum to the Jaguares. They run it and then kick ahead but the ball goes into touch.

30.00: Both sides show plenty of endeavour in attack and it ends with the ball being kicked into touch. The Sunwolves win the line out and Pisi boots the ball into touch.

31.00: The Jaguares take the quick line out but after a couple of phases the Sunwolves win a penalty on the half way line. Pisi will have a shot at goal.

32.00; Pisi slots the penalty and the Sunwolves lead.

35.00: The Jaguares get the ball on the wing and they chip and chase and Emiliano Boffelli gets the ball turns in the tackle and scores. TRY!

Hernandez misses the conversion. There will be a break in play as Mifiposeti Paea is down. Jaguares lead.

37.00: The Sunwolves win a penalty at the breakdown. Pisi lines up the posts. He missses.

39.00: The Jaguares have a scrum in the Sunwolves half. They win a penalty from the scrum. Hernandez will take a shot at goal.

40.00: Hernandez takes the kick and nails it. It’s half time.

The half time score was Sunwolves 13 Jaguares 18

The Jaguares kick off and the second half is underway.

43.00; Sunwolves showing a lot more intensity in the opening stages of the second half. They launch several attacks at the Jaguares.

44.00:Penalty to the Sunwolves. They tap it and run. Another penalty to the Sunwolves.

45.00: Riaan Viljoen takes the shot and nails it. Pisi comes off having taken a knock and Yu Tamara comes on.

46.00: Hernandez kicks the restart out on the full.

47.00: Derek Carpenter looks to move the ball down the line for the Sunwolves but Facundo Isa gets an intercept and he races away and scores. TRY! Could be a bonus point try.

48.00: Hernandez adds the conversion.

54.00: The Jaguares are mixing up their attack. They run the ball and then kick. The Sunwolves counter attack and then chip ahead and set up a line out just outside the Jaguares 22. Strong run from Mifiposeti Paea.

55.00: The Sunwolves win the line out and go wide. The Jaguares almost get another intercept but the ball is knocked on.

56.00: The Sunwolves win a scrum and Pisi who has passed his HIA slips a pass to Derek Carpenter who races in and scores. TRY!

57.00: Pisi adds the conversion.

59.00: Pisi kicks for territory and sets up a 5m line out. The Jaguares win the line out but have to kick deep to clear. The Sunwolves try to counter attack.

60.00: The Jaguares turn the ball over and attack in the Sunwolves half.

63.00: The Sunwolves have their head up. They are full of attack in the Jaguares half. They go through the phases as the Jaguares hang on defending. 7 phases. 8 phases and then Pisi goes for a drop kick. He misses.

65.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves. The Jaguares almost got another intercept but were called back for the penalty. Pisi will take the shot.  He nails it and the Sunwolves lead.

68.00: Penalty to the Jaguares. Hernandez slots it and the Jaguares lead.

69.00: Riaan Viljoen goes for a long drop goal but misses.

70.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves from the breakdown.

71.00: Pisi lines up the kick. He nails it. Sunwolves lead again.

74.00: Sunwolves scrum has to be reset. They don’t mind as it eats up time.

75.00~: The scrum collapses again and the Sunwolves have a penalty.

77.00: The Sunwolves kick for touch and walk slowly to the line out. They go through a couple of phases but the Jaguares turn the ball over and lose it forward.

78.00: The Sunwolves win a scrum and run the ball. They get to the line and frantically drive over but are held up. 5m scrum.

79.00: The Sunwolves win the scrum and Pisi offloads to Harumichi Tatekawa who scores. TRY!

80.00; Pisi adds the conversion and the Sunwolves have won.

The full time score is Sunwolves 36 (13) Jaguares 28 (18) 


Tries – Y.Sasakura, D.Carpenter, H. Tatekawa
Pen – T.Pisi 4, R.Viljoen
Con – T.Pisi 3
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – A. Creevy, L.Amorosino, E. Boffelli, F.Isa
Pen -J.Hernández 2
Con – J.Hernandez
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Jamie Nutbrown
Assistant Ref 1:Chris Pollock
Assistant Ref 2:Noriaki Hashimoto
TMO :Takashi Hareda



15 Riaan Viljoen, 14 Viliami Lolohea, 13 Derek Carpenter, 12 Harumichi Tatekawa, 11 Mifiposeti Paea, 10 Tusi Pisi, 9 Atsushi Hiwasa, 8 Ed Quirk, 7 Andrew Durutalo, 6 Yoshiya Hosoda, 5 Liaki Moli, 4 Hitoshi Ono, 3 Shinnosuke Kakinaga, 2 Shota Horie (c), 1 Masataka Mikami

Replacements: 16 Takeshi Kizu, 17 Ziun Gu, 18 Takuma Asahara, 19 Fa’ Atiga Lemalu, 20 Taiyo Ando, 21 Kaito Shigeno, 22 Yu Tamura, 23 Yasutaka Sasakura

Jaguares (revised)

1- Felipe Arregui , 2- Agustín Creevy (C) , 3- Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro , 4- Guido Petti , 5- Matías Alemanno , 6- Pablo Matera , 7- Juan Manuel Leguizamón , 8- Facundo Isa , 9- Gonzalo Bertranou , 10- Juan Martín Hernández , 11- Lucas González Amorosino , 12- Santiago González Iglesias , 13- Jerónimo de la Fuente , 14- Ramiro Moyano , 15- Joaquín Tuculet

Replacements : 16- Facundo Bosch , 17- Facundo Gigena , 18- Enrique Pieretto , 19- Matías Orlando , 20- Rodrigo Báez , 21- Felipe Ezcurra , 22- Joaquín Paz , 23- Emiliano Boffelli

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