Surgery rules Cummins out of Super Rugby start


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Western Force coach Michael Foley has revealed that Wallabies winger Nick “Honey
Badger “Cummins will miss the first couple of Super Rugby matches at the
start of the season as he needs surgery.

Cummins left Western Australia to play in Japan last year for personal reasons
but he has been made available to play for the Force this season.

The “Honey Badger” as he is known to his fans has entertained fans
across the globe with his after match comments but he will only be seen in Super
Rugby again some time in March.

“Nick is having a little bit of minor surgery on his ankle at the moment,”
said Foley.

“He should only miss the first couple of games for us. He’s got to go
back to Japan, potentially play one more game there …but we’re thrilled to
have him back – everybody is thrilled to have him back – from all sorts of perspectives.

“We will miss him for the first couple of games of the season but at the same
time for a long time we weren’t sure whether we were going to have him back”

“We’ve prepared with Marcel Brache and young Mitchell Scott from New Zealand
that we’ve recruited to play in the position that Nick would have normally played in
so although Nick won’t be here we’ve prepared for the worst that he wasn’t going
to be.

“It’s a real bonus that he’s coming back,” added Foley.

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