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Super Rugby Standings

Super Rugby Standings

In South Africa, the Super Rugby standings are often called the Super Rugby log, in Australia they are often referred to as the Super Rugby ladder.

Please note that a bonus point is awarded to a team for scoring three tries more than the opponent. The four-try bonus point rule has fallen away and no longer applies.

In addition, points differential is secondary to the number of wins.


2021 Super Rugby Aotearoa standings


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2021 Super Rugby Australia standings


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Tip : The Super Rugby standings table is interactive. For example clicking on “Ttl” will re-arrange the order of the teams on points alone and without conference rules.

Points are awarded as follows.

Win = 4 points
Draw = 2 Points
Loss = 1 point for loss within 7 points or less of the winning team
Loss =  0 points for loss of more than 7 points
Bonus Point = 1 point for scoring three more tries than the opponent.

The three Conference leaders occupy positions 1 to 3. The fourth position is the top Wild card (next best) team. Positions 5 to 8 are occupied by the wildcard teams in order of their ranking based on points earned through the season. 

The play offs


Team 1 v Team 8
Team 2 v Team 7
Team 3 v Team 6
Team 4 v Team 5


The semi-final host teams will be the highest ranked winners from the respective quarter-finals.

Semi-final 1: Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 4
Semi-final 2: Winner QF 2 v Winner QF 3

The Grand Final

The highest ranked Semi-final winner will host the final and will play the other semi-final winner.

semi-final host teams will be the highest ranked winners from the respective quarter-finals.

Grand final : Winner SF1 v Winner SF2