Tahu must learn to run again



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Waratah Rugby league convert Timana Tahu says that he will have to learn to run again in order to prevent hamstring injuries threatening his career.

Tahu will also visit a biomechanist to fix the problem.

Speaking exclusively with The Sunday Mail, Tahu denied that he was at loggerheads with Waratahs medical staff and defended himself against critics after he has been labelled as injury-prone.

Tahu joined the Waratahs in a $2 million move to union from league and the star is said to be privately concerned by a Waratahs fitness program pushing his fragile hamstrings to breaking point.

Tahu pulled a hamstring a couple of weeks ago and he is expected to return against the Bulls in South Africa on May the 3rd.

In the meantime he will continue his rehabilitation and will also take up “physiocise” to improve his back, hamstrings and core strength.

“Basically I’m going to learn to run again,” he said.

“The Waratahs are being cautious. I’m going to see a lady to do physiocise and I’ll be seeing a biomechanist. Either they will come to us or I will go to Canberra (to visit the Australian Institute of Sport).

“They are going to look at my running technique. This hasn’t been done before with me so I’m very interested in it. It’s an educational thing and I think it will help me in the long run.

“My hammies are always tight, the Tahs know that. I will be OK for six or seven weeks and then they start going on me, they start getting tight again.

“Apparently, some of my muscles aren’t ‘switching on’ so I need to get those muscles firing because I’m loading up my hamstrings too much.

“My brain has been learning to run a particular way and it’s pretty much the wrong way so I need to retrain my brain and get everything right. The medical staff have worked things out ‘ I’m going back to basics.”

Tahu added that he had spoken to medical staff about his hamstrings when he first arrived at the Waratahs and insists they took his appraisal on board.

“I did say things about my hamstrings to the Waratahs in November when I first came to them, but it wasn’t last week or last month.

“We’ve been working together for a while now, although there were exercises ‘ like squats and deadlifts ‘ that I tried to get out of to avoid hurting my back and legs.

“Having been in league for a while and coming here at 28, I had some ideas on what would help prolong my career.

“We had a few meetings about it, I was put on a program and I’m 100 per cent committed to it.”



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