The decision to stay is Carter’s


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Crusaders coach Robbie Deans is urging his star number 10 to be selfish before he signs his next contract which expires at the end of the season.

Deans also refuses to become embroiled in speculation about whether Carter should stay in New Zealand to play for the Crusaders and that the decision is his alone.

“It doesn’t really matter how I feel. All I want for blokes like Dan is that they do what is in their best interests and enjoy what they do,” he told the Press.

Deans says that even though Carter is not expected to make the decision in the immediate future there is no point in anyone trying to twist a player’s arm.

“They are the only ones who can make those decisions. You can play devil’s advocate and look at pros and cons, but at the end of the day it will be about what excites them.”

It has almost become tradition that when All Blacks near the end of their career they spend a couple of years in Europe in order to make as much money as possible before they have to stop playing.

Things changed a little last year when Luke McAlister left to play in Europe at a time when his career was in it’s early days as he was just 24.

Deans said there was no easy answer on why players should stay or go. “If they are chasing money for money’s sake, it won’t be a good scene.

“If they are staying for the wrong reasons it won’t be a good scene either. That pertains to the individual. That’s dependent on what individuals seek from their time. It’s not for anyone to dictate or own the answers.”

Carter has only added fuel to the speculation fire by saying that he would one day like to play overseas.

“It’s about catering for players’ needs as individuals. They are all different, or their circumstances are different … ” Deans said.

“Is there some benefit from giving them a window, a double-dip or whatever? But just cater for their needs if it is important to you. If not, then fine.”   


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