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Top South African Rugby bosses face immediate sacking



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The chairperson and the managing director of SA Rugby, Mpumelelo Tshume and Jonathan Stones, may be asked to resign when a meeting of the South African Rugby Union is held in Cape Town on Friday.

The pair are said to have been in disfavour with some board members for some time and according to informed sources they may lose their positions according to Beeld.

Stones, as a fulltime staff member of SA Rugby, will be able to oppose a motion that he should resign.

Tshume, however, is said to be abroad and therefore will not be able to attend the meeting. He has been asked to become chair of Sanzar, but will also lose that position if he goes.

The chair of Sanzar, the body running rugby between teams from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, at present rests with South Africa. This means Stones could also lose the position as managing director of that organisation.

Tshume, who was initially brought into SA Rugby as an independent director, has allegedly been accused of undertaking a tour to Argentina without obtaining the necessary approval.

If he is asked to resign, there is little he can do about it because SA Rugby is owned entirely by Saru, whose management will probably table the motion.

The picture is rather different for Stones, who has been employed at SA Rugby for less than two years.

As a fulltime staff member, an agreement will have to be reached with him in terms of labour laws. This could, as has happened before in similar cases, cost the union money.

It is said that relations between Stones and leading Saru administrators have broken down.

Stones joined SA Rugby after Johan Prinsloo had been asked to vacate one of the two positions he was holding at the time.

Prinsloo, who remains chief executive of Saru, was also SA Rugby’s managing director.

His position may also be looked at as part of Saru’s restructuring plans.

SA Rugby, the professional arm of Saru, will be incorporated into the controlling body as part of a restructuring process.

Indications are that a new administrator will shortly be put in charge of Saru’s daily operations.

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