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Waratahs boss slams Sanzaar for not representing Super Rugby teams




Waratahs chairman Roger Davis has slammed Sanzaar for not having club representation at a meeting next week to decide the future of Super Rugby.

Super Rugby’s organising body Sanzaar will meet next week on Thursday to discuss the structure of Super Rugby in the future including the number of teams.

There has been much speculation that one of Australia’s team will be dropped from the tournament and another – possibly two – from South Africa also face the chop.

Sanzaar have historically refused to listen to their fans opinions and Davis says that not having the clubs involved in the discussions is ” totally perverse”.

The future of the clubs and the tournament they play in will be decided next week but the Force, ACT Brumbies, Queensland Reds, Melbourne Rebels, and the Waratahs will have no direct direct input into the decision-making process.

“It’s our clubs and our business”

“I’ve got to be honest with you, that the Super clubs are not involved at all in this discussion I find totally perverse,” Waratahs chairman Roger Davis told TVNZ.

“It’s our clubs and our business, but all the discussions are being handled on our behalf by the national bodies.”

Davis does admit that it would be unwieldy for all Super Rugby teams to attend the meeting but does argue that they could have some representation at the meeting.

“There are a lot of understandably selfish interests going on here.” Davis said.

“A classic situation would be if you were the Western Force and you were bounced out of the competition. You don’t get to participate in the trial, you don’t get to hear the arguments, you are tried, judged and whipped off to jail without any real right of appeal.”

Davis said that the Waratahs would like to see a new tournament which involves 10 teams from Australia and New Zealand and possibly Japan as there could be more home games and local derbies.

“All the professional sporting codes, AFL, soccer, rugby league, are absolutely staggered as to how we can stay afloat with seven (home) games, it’s nonsense,” Davis said.

“We would like to see more games against the Kiwis and more games against our peers. That would have financial and fan support.”

While there has been much speculation about cutting teams from Super Rugby in the immediate future Sanzaar still appear to be set on expanding the tournament after the next world cup.

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