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Rebels beat Waratahs in Sydney

The final Super Rugby match in Super Rugby Rd. 6 is a Sunday match in Sydney where the Waratahs host the Rebels.

Match detail

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We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview. 

The Rebels kick off and the match is underway.

The ball is taken into touch after the kick off. The Waratahs win the first line out and they clear the ball into touch near the half way line.

3.00: Penalty to the Rebels. Jack Debreczeni takes the kick and nails it. The Rebels lead.

5.00: The Waratahs get some attacking ball and they spread it wide. Israel Folua passes to Zac Guildford who gets them into the Rebels 22 but then there is a knock on. Rebels scrum.

9.00; The Waratahs have the ball on attack again. Folau almost gets through but passes to Dean Mumm who gets even closer. The Waratahs are called back for a penalty.

11.00: Bernard Foley takes the penalty kick and nails it to level the scores.

14.00 : The Waratahs go through 5  phases but the Rebels fail to release so the Waratahs have a penalty. Foley kicks for touch.

17.00: Michael Hooper is caught offside after a knock on so the Rebels have a penalty on their 22. Debreczeni kicks for touch.

20.00: The Rebels go through 14 phases after the line out and they go across the face of the posts and show patience. They recycle as they go and Debreczeni crashes over for the opening TRY!

21.00: Debreczeni misses the conversion.

24.00: The Rebels attack in the Waratahs 22, Lopeti Timani crashes through a tackle and charges for the line, he offloads to Toby Smith who scores. TRY!

25.00: Debreczeni adds the conversion.

28.00: The Waratahs work the ball to the Rebels 5m line but as they start to look like they might get through the Rebels win a penalty. The clear the ball into touch.

30.00: The Rebels get the Waratahs under pressure in their 22. Folau plays the ball on the ground and is yellow carded for the foul. The Rebels take the penalty kick which Debreczeni nails.

33.00: Nic Stirzaker has to leave the field for a concussion check.

36.00: Penalty to the Waratahs for offside. They take the penalty kick as it will take up time while Folau is off the field.

38.00: Foley misses the shot. The Rebels take a 22 drop out. The Rebels have an advantage for a shoulder charge but they play on.

39.00: The Waratahs go offside at the ruck so the Rebels have another kickable penalty. Debreczeni will go for posts.

40.00 The Siren sounds as Debreczeni slots the penalty.

Its half time.

The half time score was Waratahs 3 Rebels 21

The Waratahs kick off and the second half is underway.  Israel Folau is back on.

42.00; The Rebels win a penalty from the scrum for the front row collapsing. Debreczeni kicks for touch and the line out.

43.00: The Rebels win the line out but lose the ball. The Waratahs run it and then knock on giving the Rebels a scrum in the Waratahs 22.

44.00: The Rebels go wide on attack and Cam Crawford goes for the corner but Folau tackles him into touch as he goes over. 5m line out.

46.00:The Rebels move the ball forward through a couple of phases but then knock on. Waratahs scrum. They win the scrum and kick deep. It goes to the Rebels who kick it back and chase. Folau attacks but get shut down and the Rebels turn the ball over and attack from the half way line.

48.00; Penalty against the Rebels. They tap it and run. The Waratahs get the ball to the Rebels 22m line after 7 phases. The press further forward and win a penalty for leaving the feet. The Waratahs turn down the chance to kick for posts and choose the scrum instead. In front of the posts.

50.00: The Waratahs win the scrum and run at the Rebels. Folau doubles up by cutting back in to the line but the pass goes to ground and into touch.

51.00: The Waratahs win the line out against the Rebels throw and they attack on the 5m line. They go across the fasce of the posts and Jack Dempsey dives over and scores. TRY!

52.00: Foley adds the conversion.

53.00: Momentum has shifted to the Waratahs. They kick upfield and chase and Ben Meehan has to run the ball into touch. The Waratahs have a line out on their 5m line. The Waratahs win the line out and use the maul but it stops on the 5m line. The Waratahs move the ball to the backs but its a mess and there are bodies everywhere and the Rebels knock on.

56.00: The Waratahs kick and chase the ball. Folau chases but Cam Crawford snatches the ball and turns and counter attacks. The Rebels work the ball over the half way line before the ball changes hands and the Waratahs knock on.

60.00: Zac Guildford comes off. Lopeti Timani comes off as well. Andrew Kellaway comes on for his debut. The Waratahs run the ball but the ball gets left behind and goes out off a Rebels player so the Tahs get the line out.

62.00: Penalty to the Rebels – inside their half. Debreczeni kicks for touch. They win the line out and attack but lose the ball in the tackle. The Waratahs kick it back deep into Rebels territory. The Rebels get back and chip ahead but the Waratahs get the ball and counter attack.

65.00; The Waratahs go through 6 phases but they are slowed and the Rebels win a penalty. They kick for touch.

67.00: the Waratahs go through 7 phases on attack but the Rebels have patience. They go through 9 phases and get to the 5m line. On the 11th phase the Rebels turn the ball over and Debreczeni boots the ball well downfield. Matt Lucas has come on for Nick Phipps.

69.00: The Waratahs use the cross kick and chase. Matt Carraro gets the ball and runs in the try.  The Rebels got so involved trying to get the ball they left Carraro open.

70.00: Foley adds the conversion.

73.00: The Waratahs are full of attack but they knock on. Sean McMahon shouts 7 minutes to his team mates telling them to hang on.

76.00: The Rebels push the Waratahs back to the half way line. The Waratahs win the line out and run at the Rebels.

77.00: The Rebels turn the ball over in their half. Hodge boots the ball upfield. The Waratahs knock the ball on as they go for the ball which gives the Rebels a scrum just inside the Waratahs half.

78.00: Penalty to the Rebels from the scrum. Debrezceni will kick for posts. He misses. The Waratahs run it.

80.00: The siren sounds as the Waratahs attack. The Waratahs have a penalty just inside their half. They kick for touch and set up a line out on the 22.

81.00: The Waratahs win the line out but its scrappy. They move the ball across the field and they knock on. Thats it. The Rebels have won.

The full time score is Waratahs 17 (3) Rebels 21 (21)


Tries – J. Dempsey. M.Carraro
Pen – B.Foley
Con – B.Foley 1
Drop –
Cards – I.Folau (yellow 30th min)

Tries – J.Debreczeni, T.Smith
Pen – J.Debreczeni 3
Con – J.Debreczeni
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Andrew Lees
Assistant Ref 1:Rohan Hoffmann
Assistant Ref 2:Michael Hogan
TMO :George Ayoub



1. Benn Robinson , 2. Hugh Roach , 3. Angus Ta’avao , 4. Dean Mumm , 5. David Dennis (VC) , 6. Jack Dempsey , 7. Michael Hooper (C) , 8. Jed Holloway , 9. Nick Phipps , 10. Bernard Foley , 11. Zac Guildford , 12. David Horwitz , 13. Matt Carraro , 14. Reece Robinson , 15. Israel Folau

Replacements: 16. James Hilterbrand , 17. Paddy Ryan , 18. Tom Robertson , 19. Will Skelton , 20. Sam Lousi , 21. Wycliff Palu , 22. Matt Lucas , 23. Andrew Kellaway


1. Toby Smith , 2. James Hanson , 3. Laurie Weeks , 4. Luke Jones , 5. Lopeti Timani , 6. Jordy Reid , 7. Sean McMahon , 8. Adam Thomson , 9. Nic Stirzaker (captain) , 10. Jack Debreczeni , 11. Cam Crawford , 12. Mitch Inman , 13. Tamati Ellison , 14. Dom Shipperley , 15. Reece Hodge

Replacements : 16. Pat Leafa , 17. Cruze Ah Nau , 18. Jamie Hagan , 19. Sam Jeffries , 20. Scott Fuglistaller , 21. Ben Meehan , 22. Dan Hawkins , 23. Sera Naivalu

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