Waugh at war with referees



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Waratahs captain Phil Waugh has blasted the standard of refereeing in the Super 14 and he has questioned whether officials are taking the physicality out of the game.

Waugh was incensed with South African referee Craig Joubert after the Waratahs lost 34-7 to the Crusaders on Friday night, especially with his penalty against Dan Vickerman in the 2nd minute.

Vickerman was penalised for obstructing Crusaders jumper Ali Williams in a line-out inside the Tah’s 22 but video evidence shows that Vickerman did not block Williams.

The Crusaders were awarded a penalty and Dan Carter took the kick and gave the Crusaders a 3-0 lead.

“I felt like we weren’t getting too many breaks from the referee, particularly in the first half,” Waugh says on Rugbyheaven.

“It just felt like we were getting absolutely hammered. To go down 6-0, (after) a couple of penalties which I didn’t think were justifiable ‘

“Vickerman (penalised for) attacking the guy in the air – that was pathetic. I looked at it on the screen. The player (Williams) didn’t even go to the deck. And then (Joubert) penalises us for taking him out.

“There are going to be close calls and it is a contact sport and blokes are going to get hit and things like that. But I am sure everyone saw that and would agree with me.”

Waugh had previously vented his frustration about refereeing decisions after the Tah’s 20-17 loss to the Chiefs in Hamilton in round 2.

Waugh believes referees are failing to understand the ramifications of their calls. The penalty against Vickerman particularly upset Waugh.

“To go three points down, softly like that in a game ‘ the refs don’t understand how critical those sort of calls are in the context of the game. It’s disappointing they don’t understand that,” Waugh said.

“It wasn’t dangerous play. He (Williams) didn’t go to the ground. (But) there is three points on the scoreboard, a minute and a half into the game.

“I don’t know what it is with the refs. But it seems like we are getting a little bit of the raw end of the deal.


“Maybe we should stop being so friendly to them in the hotel foyer and things like that.”



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