White says Super 14 should not be expanded


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The only way for the Super 14 to be expanded in a way that would add value is for Sanzar to look outside of their three member Unions according to a veteran of the competition.

This is the opinion of Nick White who has been with the Blues for an amazing 10 years and made over 100 appearances for Auckland.

White says that adding teams to the Super14 from the Sanzar nations of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia is simply not feasible.

The IRB says that SANZAR should include Argentina after their best ever finish of third at the World cup but they (the IRB) also realise that Argentina needs to go professional before that can happen.

Many ideas have been put forward including having Argentina playing a Super 14 team in Melbourne but that is not realistic as the same players would be named in the Argentina team if they were added to the TriNations essentially condemning the current SANZAR nations to playing a fourth team which is essentially a Super 14 team.

Another option put forward is to increase the tournament to a Super 20 which will include Argentina, Japan and a Pacific Islands team or two but since the populations of the Islands are small then they too would be playing what is almost their national teams in the tournament.

“If you are going to add teams from Argentina or Japan then that is probably the only way it could get bigger,” White told Yahoo!Xtra Sport.

“With how it is now, I don’t think you want anymore (teams) anyway. Fourteen is probably the limit within the three countries.

“You usually have a couple of teams that struggle every year so I don’t think you would want another couple of teams. You definitely couldn’t have another team from New Zealand or Australia. There aren’t many other options.”

White also says that he is a fan of the current format and that it’s latest format has re-energised the competition.

“Three or four years ago I probably enjoyed the NPC a lot more. That was just the way it was,” White said.

“Now I really enjoy the Super 14. It is a great time of the year to play footy. The game is changing a little bit more, everyone has to be a bit more involved.

White also said how happy he was being part of the current Blues squad,”We have a really good group. Everyone kicks in and gets on.

“Age is a number. But it doesn’t matter what age we are, we have all got in and mixed it up. It is a fantastic group.”

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